I escaped from the Dungeon of Moonpanther!

I killed Northernminx the floating eye, Ladyleo the leprechaun, Tokentales the rat, Adamcohen the troll, Thegamer43 the rat, Blood Rite the kobold, Haus Annandael the gelatinous cube, Dylan Tanllwyth the leprechaun and Holy Insanity the leprechaun.

I looted the Sword of Lauremo, the Crown of Andreimikhailov, the Axe of Spiritvsnature, the Crown of Camarillamst, the Shield of Elvendance, the Shield of Stgabriel, the Sceptre of Akjetter, the Crown of Warders Edge, the Crown of Mdcolburn and 116 gold pieces.

Score: 441

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