From the Journal of the late Noel Aig:


I awoke this morning vaguely remembering how close I was to perfection. I can’t remember all of what I knew, but also can’t help but feel that a part of that grand and wonderful few moments has stayed with me. I only wish any other members of my cabal with there with me. The power was meaningless, but being so near the Supernal once again was like coming home to a place I’d only been once. It fit so perfectly that one would think I could never want to be anywhere else. I would have stayed, except…

I sent her a message once I was outside of the house. I didn’t have a lot of Mana left, especially after boosting Mr. Black and Murphy Law’s resolve earlier in the evening, but I’m reletively sure I had enough to get through, if only briefly. How do you, in a few words, describe the feeling of being absolutely and impossibly knowledgable, warm and close to the truest part of your nature?

It was difficult to watch it explode the next day, but itis better that the Schreklich House no longer exist. I can only imagine what would have happened had a mortal stumbled upon it, let alone more Mages that knew what they were doing. Buck, Eagle’s Feather, and the rest of those in the previous cabals that attempted to open the Supernal Verge that we succeeded in doing that night shouldn’t have died knowing that they were too proud only to have their terrible work finished for them by a larger and even less experienced group. While our connection to the Supernal is a great accomplishment, it will one day have to be repaired by more stable means. But, if we can do it once, I am positive that we will be able to do it again, and better next time. In the meantime, however, I feel amazingly empty and lost, and I can’t wait to be home among the people I love.