Hello Everybody! (All: Hi, Dr. Kaoru!)

I havn’t made a LJ post in quite some time, but for once I think I have something to say that merits airing to, theortically, the entire world. For the first time in the longest time I am totally happy. Mary and I had quite a harrowing experience getting down here from Verhampshire, but now she’s down here. All of the people I really love in the world are within a few hours’ drive from me. Ramirez, Elric, Mary, and I just had a lot of fun hanging out and laughing while we talked. Willow and Mary seem to get along well, and all in all she’s adapting very well. Those who havn’t seen me around her are going to see a completely different Kaoru, and I think a better one. I am happy, truely happy, and I thought I should share that with the world. What an odd thing to use Livejournal for.