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This can’t be right…

I’M 92.5% X-rated. HOW HORNY ARE YOU?

Honestly, this can’t be right at all. I’m not sure in which direction the corret number would be, but 92.5 just doesn’t seem like it matches at all.


Ok, so I was watching an episode of Babylon 5 with my mother today. I must have copies of that series. How difficult is it to find them? I’ll take realvideo quality if I have to. I’m doubting these will ever be put on DVD, and I need to have ready access to this show. I want to do a week-long or more marathon. I want to be immersed in rich story and interesting characters. I want to be able to laugh with them and cry with them, and watch a show where I care about the results of incidents involving Sheridan, or Marcus, or Garabaldi, or any of the tapestry of interwoved people that creates this universe. Asking for episodes of Crusade is just right out, but the original series doesn’t seem like much, on the grand scale of things. It’s not like I’m asking for world peace or anything silly like that. I just want episodes of Babylon 5. Ok, insane rant over.

I am so meant to be a Mage. No Mummy on this quiz, but oh well. Garou score of -12. No fuzziness for me….Oh well, fuck Gaia. I have other worlds to go to. I think I’ve said that before….

You Are A Mage
Take the World of Darkness Quiz
by David J Rust

Well, I’ve been working on my rock culture novel for at leats part fo the day, and I finally started typing it. Here’s how it begins so far. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. It’s a little over a page, so don’t be daunted.

Novel Start

That’s right, and don’t you forget it! I’ve been a geek since days uncounted, when the moon was last at it’s prophesized zenith (I could have also be a Fantasy Geek). I am the epitome of geekdom. Now, if only I could be a dork…..

Seriously, I suppose it only adds to my geek status that I am proud of this quiz result.. I feel somewhat justified by this, as if it all makes sense now. Granted, it always did, but now it really does. That last sentence made no sense. Anyway, I plan on spending the day reading and writing. I am online here in Coral Springs, which means that I am really down here and there’s no changing that at the moment. Still, it’s nice to be down here with Rhia, Dex, Aiden, and Ben. I went to sushi last night and it wasn’t too bad. Got a chance to say hi to Ryoga over AIM and found out he’s moving back here, so I think I may hang out with him a bit as well. In the meantime, I can hear the shower and the fridge fighting for my undivided attention, so I’ll be back later. Depending on how the writing goes, I may just treat you all to a sample.

Well, we’re basically all in the apartment, and it rocks so seriously hardcore I can’t even begin to describe it. I love being here, and have never felt so at home as in this place. There is no way to truly describe it, and the only way to understand is to be able to be with your friends until all hours of the night than simply filter to your rooms when you’re done. I also couldn’t be happier that Ben came along, as he has made this a worthwhile and interesting experience.

The only problem with all of this is that I leave for the summer today. I have plenty of time to visit and whatnot, but it will be strange not being able to stay here. I am already getting used to my room, and still have a dresser to build. There’s a painting I have yet to hang and movies I have yet to watch with my friends here. I suppose I must leave now, but when I return, it will be for good, and than the Four Winds will be complete.