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Writer’s Block: Your Theme

You May Be Right – Billy Joel


Jam session

So, went over to dexeron‘s last night and ended up being part of an impromptu jam session. It was so amazingly awesome just to sit there playing music for no other reason than to play. I really loved it. cellshade was fantastic when it came to showing me what I needed to know to get along, and everyone was just a lot of fun. I look forward to when shadowphantom can join us on mandolin, and I might play the drums next time (didn’t remember that dexeron had them). But here’s a link to our recording of part of the night, just for fun. That’s me on the acoustic guitar playing rhythm (and having a blast with strumming patterns) along with danjaaren on banjo, dexeron on the electric bass, and cellshade on lead guitar. shadownphantom had just gotten her new instrument mere hours before and it’s by no means easy, so she wasn’t with us this time around, but I think that the mandolin will blend really well when she does learn it.

I’m not sure whether we called the group or the song “Almost Time” (as in, “we were almost in time occasionally there”), but here’s our jam session.

Finally, an update

Joseph: “Seems to be a lot of prayers for a man named ‘George Bailey.'”
Clarence: “Why? Is he sick?”
Joseph: “Worse. Frustrated.”

I’ve been frustrated recently. There’s so much to do and not so much time to do it, and I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I especially feel so because I feel like, despite having a lot of work, it’s like I’m wasting my time there. The kids are so apathetic this close to the end of the school year that I can’t accomplish anything with them, so I’d rather be at home doing something useful like answering emails, writing plotkits, or answering LJ memes that I haven’t had time for (which I’ll try to get to today).

Otherwise, things are at least getting better. I really, really needed Thursday night. And it helped quite a bit. At the very least when I went into work the next day I was able to shrug off the fact that the kids simply had no interest in the plans for the day or doing anything besides talking to one another. I wish some other people could make it, but it was nice to hang out, drink a little, and spend time with people that I care about.

Ironman last night was incredible. I was really, really happy with it. They got Tony Stark’s personality perfectly, and Robert Downey Jr. hit the acting just right. The music was good, if not a major focus of the film (I liked whatever the song was when he was first flying in the suit). I got so many ideas for my Lost, and have remodeled his mansion in my head. Also, loved the suits (fabric ones, not the Ironman ones) that Tony wore throughout the film. The only two things I didn’t like were the relationship between Pepper and Tony (it stayed largely platonic in the comics, which was a good dynamic) and the fact that they put the Mandarin in the film, but made him Arabic and largely pointless. However, between the look, his placement in the film, and how he kept playing with the large ring on his finger, I could see what they were implying. pendragon had a good theory, though: this was one of the Mandarin’s lieutenants and was given a ring to help do whatever he wanted done in the Middle East (or was it Afghanistan, I can’t remember?) and, now that he’s dead, he’ll get the ring back, hence why the “terrorist group” was called “Ten Rings.” Otherwise, I thought there was a great balance of humor and action, as well as a good use of secondary characters (implication that James Rhodes eventually becomes Ironman was good, for example).

Gonna go back to getting stuff done today, though. Plenty left on my list, and this little side-project is just a distraction.