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Incommunicado explanation

Well, I know I haven’t exactly been in contact the past few days. Haven’t checked my email except to delete stuff that I know I don’t want to read. Haven’t had time to make phone calls.

Why, you ask?

I blame Kevin Bacon.

For those who don’t know, the school I work at is doing a production of Footloose and I volunteered to help in their costume shop. Well, since I generally am tired by the end of the day, I found it was easier to go home after work and bring sewing with me to work on at home, at night, when I’m at my best, so I was asked to make 22 pairs of gym shorts for the multiple gym class scenes in the show.

And I have been working on them for days. Cutting, sewing, ironing, measuring. The whole lot, from scratch, and I just finished last night, which is good considering they need these today. But that’s why I haven’t really been around or able to actually respond to anything: sewing my cute ass off. By the end I was getting the hang of it, using less pins, and generally finding the most efficient way to do as much as I could in as little time, but there was a learning curve there, and I didn’t really get the best way until the last four pairs. Oh well, they’re done now and I can move on to a new project for the show.

Irony: I blunted one needle in the process of doing this, and bent another one. However, the one I bent, bent on literally the last stitch I needed to make.

On a related note, I think I might have time to at least finish the pants for the new Ren Fest costume I’ve been working on, on and off, for a while now. I was going to use this week to try and complete it, but I’ve been up to my ears in green shorts. I might at least be able to finish the pants and then wear the long tunic-like shirt I made for ICC ’06 Changeling. I do quite like it, and now that I’m twenty pounds lighter than I was when I first wore it in public and my arms look much sexier, it would go nicely. The problem is that it’s sleeveless and it’s supposed to be reasonably cold this weekend, even in South Florida, so if I can finish the new shirt and accompanying jacket, that would be even better.

Otherwise, on the update front, I’ve been going back to the gym now for about two weeks after taking two weeks off when I got sick. While watching The Secret yesterday, something occurred to me that I hadn’t noticed before. At one point, when it’s talking about how you’ll occasionally be required to take inspired action to get the things you’re trying to attract, it mentions that it should never be something you hate or don’t want to do. The work you do to get what you want should be joyful, something you can do all day. I realized that that is what my workouts are like. Yes, they’re hard, and I keep trying to push myself a little further every time I go (ran for an extra five minutes yesterday and raised the amount I’m able to lift in two of my strength training exercises by 10 pounds), but I love doing it. It makes me feel good about myself. If I get into a groove, I can let my mind just wander and think wonderful thoughts about how good I look, how healthy I’m getting, how much energy I have.

Or, I can be really efficient and use the time I’m working out to visualize other things that I want in order to better bring them to me, and the endorphins released from the workout make it that much easier to concentrate and feel wonderful about those things. I plan to start tracking with Sparkpeople again starting next week when I have more time, but in the meantime it’s been incredible to get back in there. I’m starting to see and feel results in ways I haven’t before. I like wearing tank tops around the house, something I haven’t done since I was eight. While my weight hasn’t dropped, I can see an increase in muscle and a decrease in fat visually, which means I must be losing and replacing with lean muscle tissue. M’lady noticed the other night that my stomach was becoming harder. I feel more active, and the idea of running or jogging doesn’t fill me with as much dread. This is what they mean that the action should be joyful. I’m loving every minute of this.



Today is the best day of my life.

That is all.

really. But in a way I suppose I am a little.

I’m sick. Like really sick. And it’s been so long since I’ve been genuinely, amazingly, astoundingly sick that I’ve forgotten how terrible it is. But it’s like every day another symptom comes to the forefront.

The first day it was a rattling cough. No big deal.

Saturday it was chills. Those were miserable, but they passed.

Sunday: body aches. Just all over.

Today, it appears that my stomach wants to be upset. I’m blaming it on the antibiotics. I should be fine soon enough, but it’s helping me understand why doctors used to think that an imbalance of humours caused illness in the body. I could almost swear my body is purposely trying to expel an overproduction of bile.

You know what makes me feel better when I’m sick? Comments on my LJ.

Oh, and little, tiny hearts do too. Click my Widget! And nothing about being sick there, either. Comments about how sexy I am and the like are much more restorative, even if I won’t see them for a couple of days.

Back to convalescing. Watching The Big Blue like I do whenever I’m sick. Gonna get some food as soon as the Pepto kicks in, and get some work done.

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“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” – Goethe

Cultivating what gives you joy

The easiest way to identify what our heart wants is to examine the feelings that surface when we relate to that subject. Do you find solace when picking up your journal to write a daily reflection? Does time spent with your family thrill you to tears? What feelings arise when you chase down the things that make your heart flutter? True happiness comes when we routinely engage in positive activities that we love. Take a look at your life as a whole. Pursue the things that make you feel alive and fill you with joy, and healthy balance.

::Sparkpeople Healthy Reflections::

Just sharing

Just some food for thought, as it were:

“They who give have all things; they who withhold have nothing” – Hindu proverb

What wealth do you possess?

There is a long standing tradition for Buddhist monks to arise each morning very early and set out to collect alms bowls, and go out into their community to collect donations of food, usually merely of rice or curry. Surprisingly though, none of this food is eaten as the monks are typically well stocked at their monastery. Why? This age old tradition is still in existence simply to allow the nearby townspeople to experience the joy of giving. Do you have resources or talent that you can use to help others? By hoarding what you have you not only waste opportunities but also fail to leave any sort of positive mark on the world. You might have money, talent, time, knowledge, or energy, but all of these things should be shared. No one is better off by keeping their wealth–in any form–to themselves.

::from Sparkpeople mailer::

Thought I’d share my horoscope today. Seemed to hit all the salient points and those who saw and talked to me yesterday will probably recognize some things based on what I said and how I was acting.

Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov 22 РDec 21)

Your sense of self is undergoing a significant makeover these days. Even if you think you’ve already experienced the great shift, remember that more is yet to come. Your self-esteem can be magically transformed along with your personal wealth, but it’s not going to happen overnight. Begin by tying up loose ends; it’s your best form of preparation for the changes ahead.