That’s right, and don’t you forget it! I’ve been a geek since days uncounted, when the moon was last at it’s prophesized zenith (I could have also be a Fantasy Geek). I am the epitome of geekdom. Now, if only I could be a dork…..

Seriously, I suppose it only adds to my geek status that I am proud of this quiz result.. I feel somewhat justified by this, as if it all makes sense now. Granted, it always did, but now it really does. That last sentence made no sense. Anyway, I plan on spending the day reading and writing. I am online here in Coral Springs, which means that I am really down here and there’s no changing that at the moment. Still, it’s nice to be down here with Rhia, Dex, Aiden, and Ben. I went to sushi last night and it wasn’t too bad. Got a chance to say hi to Ryoga over AIM and found out he’s moving back here, so I think I may hang out with him a bit as well. In the meantime, I can hear the shower and the fridge fighting for my undivided attention, so I’ll be back later. Depending on how the writing goes, I may just treat you all to a sample.