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Thoughts on my awakening

So, I’ve been thinking about my life over the past couple of years, and I can’t help but liken it to a quote from Dilbert.

“I wanted to know the meaning of life, so I looked it up in the dictionary. It was actually pretty disappointing.” – Dogbert

I’ve recently been digging a little deeper and finding more and more.

Weekend update will follow the weekend, but I just thought of that and wanted to share.


Concert alert

Ok, free concert. August 26th, WMMO Downtown Concert Series, Pat Benatar. Totally free, right outsider city hall in downtown. All you have to pay for is food and drinks, and we can annoy the Scientologists giving “free stress tests” before the show begins. Who’s with me?

[Trusted] Long weekend

Well, it’s been an incredibly long weekend, but totally in a good way. I’m going to cut both to save Friends pages and because there will likely be at least a little TMI in this post, though I’ll try and be pretty roundabout for everyone’s sake.

Update behind here

It’s over

I officially broke up with Mary this morning. I know it’s the right thing to do. I wasn’t happy, I couldn’t make her happy. Still, I feel bad that I hurt her. I know there was no other way to do it, that she would be hurt no matter what I did, but it’s not in my nature to cause harm to other human beings.

Maybe we can both move on now.

Meme for the hell of it

Answers are screened for my personal enjoyment. Feel free to be as graphic as you like.

Would you…

1. give me your number?
2. let me hug you anytime I wanted to?
3. let me kiss you?
4. watch a movie with me…even a really sappy one?
5. let me take you out to dinner?
6. drive me somewhere/anywhere?
7. take a shower with me?
8. have a fling with me?
9. listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends?
10. buy me a drink if I didn’t have money?
11. take me home for the night?
12. let me sleep in your bed?
13. sing karaoke w/ me?
14. sit in the doctors office with me because I didn’t want to go alone?
15. Strip for me?
16. come pick me up at 3am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
17. cry if I died?
18. dance with me?
19. sing happy birthday to me?
20. take advantage of me if I was drunk?
21. re-post this for me to answer your questions? ( you don’t have too, but feel free:D)

I’m ok

Hello everyone,

So, just to clear the record so everyone knows, yes, there was a fire in my apartment complex. No, I wasn’t around at the time, I was watching the previews on Shrek the Third. Yes, I have some incredible friends who rang my phone off the hook to make sure I was ok. No, my apartment was not affected at all, the fire was on the other side of the complex across from the Winds. Yes, it is very strange to see this many fire trucks and rescue vehicles around. No, I don’t know any details at the moment. Yes, this is an annoying format for an update.

Honestly, the important thing to know is that nobody here was hurt, everything is in order, and as far as I know nobody in the building that was set on fire was hurt. The roof of the building was practically gone when I saw it, and if you looked at the back of it, you could still see where there were blazes popping up. Mary and I stopped by the office and gave them our phone number in case somebody needed a place to stay for the night.

I’ll be writing again soon with better, more interesting news (not saying that “I’m alive” isn’t worthwhile, interesting reading), but for now I wanted to make sure anyone who heard about this knows.

Torchwood episode: Small Worlds

Ok, so I just finished watching this episode, and since the Dark Lord of Cute didn’t mention it, it possibly doesn’t bear too close a resemblance to Lost, but it still had some very interesting things in it.

First of all, try and watch this episode. It’s what I would consider the first really excellent episode of Torchwood. Secondly, I like this description of the Fae.

Jack: “They’re a part of us, a part of our world, yet we know nothing about them. So we pretend to know what they look like. We imagine them as happy. We imagine they have tiny little wings, that they’re bathed in moonlight.”

Gwen: “But they’re not?”

Jack: “No. Think dangerous. Think something you can only half see, like a glimpse, like something you can only see out of the corner of your eye. A touch of myth, a touch of the spirit world, a touch of reality all jumbled together. Old moments and memories that are frozen in amongst it like debris spinning around a ringed planet, tossing, turning, and whirling. And backwards and forwards through time.”

The actual designs they used for the Faeries in this episode I thought were superb. They looked very natural, but frighteningly so. They were clearly graceful, but also clearly monsters. They voices were pretty standard Doctor Who/Torchwood stock, but they worked for this as they were both otherworldly and temping in their own right. I can imagine that the Fae, once they have picked a subject for kidnapping beyond the Hedge, would use all the powers at their command to keep mortals from harming their chosen prize before it can be done. And I liked the sing-songy bit at the end, which I may have transcribed incorrectly because of the combination of Welsh accent and electronic voice distortion, but I’ll put it here so you might imagine a child being tempted by the Fae to return with them.

“Come away, human child, to the waters in the wild, with a faerie, hand-in-hand. When the world’s so full of weeping, then you can understand.”

I think the True Fae are the first creatures to enter to NWoD that are going to be entirely alien to us. Think about it, even Prometheans attempt to mimic humanity. Spirits are aspects of the things we know. All of the antagonists from the other venues are either a) a different kind of the same thing or b) formally human and still maintaining certain aspects of it. True Fae, from what I’ve seen so far, seem to be wholly inexplicable and very difficult for humans to understand because they simply aren’t human, nor have they ever been as far as we can tell before the book comes out. This will present interesting possibilities for STs to introduce them, as well as confuse attempts by PCs to think in their terms. It might also contribute to the “change” that one undergoes in Arcadia. Imagine having to learn to deal on a level that you not only haven’t before, but were never really meant to. It’s bound to do strange things to your mind.

Anyway, just some thoughts on this episode and how it might relate to/inspire for Lost concept.

Update time

NOTE: This post was written almost a week ago and until now LJ has been unwilling (yes, I am suggesting that my blog site is actively and maliciously choosing to not do something) to post my whole post. So, I’ve waited, and continued to try and check, and finally, today, it works. More to update from this point on, but it’s really the principle involved in having this posted in its current form that has prevented me from scraping the whole damn thing and starting fresh. Enjoy!

Ok, so I haven’t updated in a while, meaning that it’s about time to share any exciting, good, or otherwise positive news regarding my life and the people in it.

That being said, I’ll back up to Memorial Day weekend.

I went to visit my parents for the weekend, which was good because I haven’t been there in a while. Friday night I actually spent up here in Orlando, seeing Pirates with my friend Kal before she drove up to Virginia for the summer to work at the Virginia Shakespeare Festival as a Stage Manager. She’s worked there before, knows her roommate and several people there, and basically intends to spend the summer working very hard during the day, drinking very hard well into the night, and repeating until she feels like she’s really part of show business.

For the record, I really enjoyed Pirates. I thought they did a good job wrapping up the series, I liked the character development and writing. I think that Disney might have told Gore Verbinski, “Listen, we’re going to make millions of dollars on this film even if we run Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack over three hours of solid blue and occasionally have Johnny Depp voice over the words, ‘Captain Jack Sparrow,’ so you might as well stretch your directing muscles and do whatever it is you guys do when you’re given the freedom to do whatever the hell you like.” Only, unlike the abomination that was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Alfonso Cuarón, you’re on warning), this one was actually really well done.

Saturday afternoon we drove down south to the expectant jubilation from my happy parents who missed their only child. I was still a bit sick at that point, but it was good to be home. Most of the weekend was just relaxing. Got a chance to have a long conversation with my friend Scott, who has much wisdom. On Sunday our next door neighbors had a Memorial Day barbeque which was pretty rocking. Whenever everyone in the neighborhood gets together to party we always have a blast. At one point Kevin (one of the co-hosts) broke out his guitar and Roger from down the street brought over an electric drum kit and we all hung out singing. Lots of Jimmy Buffet, but we also did Steve Miller Band, Ted Nugent, and a few others. Hurt my throat like hell, but well worth it.

Monday was shopping day. You see, it turns out that my 38 waist pants were way too big on me. I mean, they were so big, I could have probably fit a reasonably slight person in there with me. So we went to the store get get some new shorts and other things. Guess what size waist they are? 36, you say? Well, you’d be wrong. 34! And it’s not a, “Well, I’m a 34 if I don’t breathe, eat, or try to sit down.” There’s actually some slack. For a guy who was pushing 40 not too long ago, this is very exciting. I was 32 after my freshman year of college, so that’s really my goal at the moment. Also walked away with some new DVDs and various other items of no particular note.

I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to recover and unpack from the trip. Been catching up on my television. Almost done with House season 3, just bought Supernatural season 1 on DVD because I love that show.

Oh, and I watched the first episode of Torchwood last night. All in all, I agree so far with the reviews from people I know that it’s a good show, but still trying to find its groove. I like the basic premise, I like Welsh accents, I like the acting and writing thus far. One of two things that give me pause at the moment, and I admit that it’s minor, is that there’s a “rift in time and space” running through Cardiff through which all manner of extra-terrestrial and other-dimensional beasties can escape into the normal world and cause untold havoc. It’s not that I mind this idea on principle, but basically what Russel T. Davies is telling me is that Cardiff has its own Hellmouth. I’d like to call it something else, but that’s what it is. A Hellmouth.

The other one is that they purposely withheld information from the viewer in the first episode for dramatic effect, and while that works for Doctor Who (how could they possibly compress centuries of learning into human comprehension for show purposes?), I find it doesn’t work as well here. I refer to the knife that Suzie was welding that became a major catalyst to our heroine remembering what happened. Yes, we see her welding, but are not privy to what it is she’s working on. Yet, somehow the character, through an enforced amnesia no less, recalls in close-up detail exactly what it was that she was working on. This could have been easily remedied by having Suzie hold the knife up for inspection, showing it while Cooper was passing and Suzie was welding it (the viewer would have been distracted by the action of welding and not really noticed it sitting right there, but it would have been visually available), or any number of other directorial tricks that would have given us, the viewers, the same information to work with as our protagonist.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the show, but I feel that the above is a literary and directorial short-cut when a little extra effort could have made it that much better.

That aside, today has been good. I went and had an interview with the temp agency that was excellent. Basically, it’s going to be like subbing. If they have a short job (a day or a week), they’ll call and ask if I want it. In the meantime, Erin, the person I talked to who happened to have gone to my high school, is looking for something more long-term in my field. It’s not solid, but nothing is these days. In the meantime, it’s a chance for work that I’m going to take full advantage of.

Hope everyone is having an incredible day, and I’ll continue to update as things worthy of your consumption happen to me.


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