Hello everyone,

So, just to clear the record so everyone knows, yes, there was a fire in my apartment complex. No, I wasn’t around at the time, I was watching the previews on Shrek the Third. Yes, I have some incredible friends who rang my phone off the hook to make sure I was ok. No, my apartment was not affected at all, the fire was on the other side of the complex across from the Winds. Yes, it is very strange to see this many fire trucks and rescue vehicles around. No, I don’t know any details at the moment. Yes, this is an annoying format for an update.

Honestly, the important thing to know is that nobody here was hurt, everything is in order, and as far as I know nobody in the building that was set on fire was hurt. The roof of the building was practically gone when I saw it, and if you looked at the back of it, you could still see where there were blazes popping up. Mary and I stopped by the office and gave them our phone number in case somebody needed a place to stay for the night.

I’ll be writing again soon with better, more interesting news (not saying that “I’m alive” isn’t worthwhile, interesting reading), but for now I wanted to make sure anyone who heard about this knows.