Well, it’s been an incredibly long weekend, but totally in a good way. I’m going to cut both to save Friends pages and because there will likely be at least a little TMI in this post, though I’ll try and be pretty roundabout for everyone’s sake.

Ok, so the weekend really started on Friday morning. Jake went off on his own and I eagerly anticipated the arrival of M’lady. This is the first time in a long time I’ve been excited about seeing somebody like this. Nothing could make the time go any faster. I’m acting like a teenager in many respects, and I recognize this, but in a way I missed the end of my teenage years and want to at least sample them a little now that I can. Besides, it’s fun to anticipate, to want, to wait, and finally to receive.

She finally arrived around 11 and we spent a lovely day talking, knitting, and discussing philosophy, followed by a few G-rated films and milk and cookies for dessert….

Yea, I didn’t believe me either. I won’t go into too many details, but I will say that I have never felt so satisfied in my life, yet I still wanted more. I learned and tried more on Friday and Saturday than I ever have in many areas, and I am looking forward to continuing this education. There’s a whole world out there that I’m just beginning to understand and become a part of.

So, we forgot to eat on Friday, and spent about 9 hours together doing so many wonderful things. tessmc, I’m sorry that I made you turn red. She was distracting me on every phone call, and you’re the only one I really lost it with. %) Have to admit, that’s a story we’ll be telling for a very long time. Eventually, however, we did get out and went to get food and to game for a little while.

Minor crisis as soon as I got there, but it was quickly taken care of. It was so nice to have M’lady there. She’s been incredible through all of this, very understanding about my desire to be helpful and not make things any more difficult than they have to be, and totally supportive when I need it. It’s that that is incredible beyond measure.

Next short paragraph, it seems, we got back to game and I was in no mood to play, but I got a chance to see many of my friends and tell some people about the breakup. It was nice to be there and not be worrying about things that aren’t part of what I’m doing and thinking at the time. There was nothing I had to concern myself with other than where I wanted to go, what scenes to watch, and who I wanted to talk to. I almost took out my phone before I left game to make a call and say where I was going when it occurred to me that there was nobody I had to inform of my whereabouts.

Speaking of my whereabouts, we ended up going back to Jake’s place where he made the excellent suggestion that Lady Nicole and I take his future bedroom since it has a door. I took a shower while everyone else got ready for bed and eventually Seth arrived to make the trip to Pensacola the next day easier for the people going. For the record, you’re all insane to do that. Suffice it to say, we were very glad and took full advantage of that closed door. I did a couple of things I’d never done before, one of which I was in the middle of before I realized what I was doing, but when I did realize it just made it that much hotter. I think this may be the thing that was new to M’lady as well, but it’s hard to tell.

Saturday was very much like Friday, only shorter. We found this really good little dive where we had lunch called Mr. Quick. The food was tasty, well-priced, and had a good mix of standard diner-type faire and more interesting food. I had a veal sandwich with fries and a catfish fillet (which apparently counts as a side item), all of which were really tasty. Tried M’lady’s omlette and can say it was really fluffy and tasty. I started reading Kushel’s Dart, which I’ve been told for about 8 years that I need to read, and felt pretty horrible that I had to leave and help Mary out, but I realize that I was doing a good thing and, while it was uncomfortable and M’lady had to leave almost immediately after I returned, I know I did the right thing by holding to my promise to help and trying to make things easier.

After Lady Nicole left, I decided that so long as Jake and Co. would be gone until 2pm the next day, and I was basically alone in somebody else’s empty apartment, I might as well get packed and head down to my parents’ place. I left around 7 and arrived around 10, no problems on the drive, and I’d be around the next day for Father’s Day, so it worked out really well.

Next day was fun. My father had already made plans to play golf with other people in the morning, since he thought I’d be asleep (didn’t expect me to wake up at 7:30), so I didn’t get to go to the driving range with him like I had hoped, but we still got to hang out the rest of the day. Spent most of the time watching the US Open and hanging out. We talked, made tacos, and when the US Open was over I showed him the first two episodes of Torchwood which he really liked. If I can’t show it to him by the time it does, he said it was airing on BBC America starting in September, and he’s excited to see what happens.

That night, after my dad went to bed, I headed out to Dexeron‘s house since it turns out that most of my friends from down there were hanging out playing Shadowrun that night. It was really good to see them all. While I love Orlando and the people here, and so many of them are my family in so many ways, there’s a much different vibe down in South Florida. They are like a family together without the established Orlando cliques, and I’m always honored and happy to be included with them. Even though I don’t plan to do so any time soon, it’s nice when people try to convince you to move so they can hang out with you more. I noticed how well Steve has fit down there, and am happy to see it.

The next day, Monday, was a blast. I witnessed somebody become a millionaire. Scott took me out to lunch at the sushi place he always goes to, which was really interesting. He’s there so often that we only ordered things that weren’t on the menu, except for the cold sake which we kept coming. Lunch lasted for 4 hours, part of which the place was actually closed down while everyone went on break and they just trusted us to watch the place while they were out. We spoke about various things. I told him about my weekend so far, especially M’lady, and he talked about the good news he received at the beginning of lunch, which is that a $1.75 million investment that he’s in charge of has already made $11 million and the original purpose of the investment is only 1/7th complete. Of the $11 million worth of the investment, $1 million is his. It was a day of celebration.

That night I spent several hours hanging with my parents again. It was nice to spend time with my dad watching Enterprise. We bond through sci-fi, and we went through three episodes, none of which I’d seen previously. We both enjoyed them all, had some great discussion on the episodes, how the characters develop, the ways they told the story, etc. This is one of the things we do, and I always look forward to it. Talking politics is another thing we like to do, and my dad is one of the few people in the world that I can discuss politics with, entirely disagree, and neither of us takes offense.

That night I went back to Dexeron‘s where they apparently put in a pinch friend. Cellshade wasn’t there, but Tieshia was, which was excellent. Not that I don’t love Cellshade, but I haven’t seen Tieshia since she moved and I saw Steve the night before. Life seems to be going well for her, which is awesome. And getting another night with everyone else was incredible, because I could totally hang with those people any time. Realized how used to unthinking misogyny in RPGs I’ve become when I saw a female ST who insisted that not all women in Exalted were always scantily dressed. Went home late and stayed up even later to talk to M’lady, then went to bed and got up again in order to avoid the rain, which was pointless but it got me back in town earlier.

Now I’m home, at my own apartment. Mary and I had a Serious Talk today and it was exhausting. I’m going to bed soon, but I wanted to finally post an update and this weekend seemed worth posting about.