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This is so cute.

I couldn’t help myself. I love that “Celebrity Dates” are counted as accessories.

I give you: Chibi Bandy


Wow, another update

Nothing really to do at the moment, so I’m updating again. I have a lot more free time at my parents’ place, it seems, than at home.

I need a new fan for my laptop, which disturbs me since I’m not incredibly comfortable with opening it up. I’ve never done it before, and don’t want to cause more damage than necessary. Maybe there’s one that I can clip onto the outside of the case and will either pump in cool air or pump out hot. If anyone knows of any that are worth it, please post a link.

Went to the driving range with my father today. That was a blast. First good thing about it, the polo shirt I leave down here for golf was way too big on me when it fit fine the last time I wore it. Now I practically swim in it. I had to borrow one of my father’s shirts for the outting, which actually fit quite well. I wonder if he’d notice if it disappeared and somehow ended up in Orlando…?

I was actually quite pleased with myself when it came to actually hitting some balls. Other than a tendency to pull to the right (which I’m already starting to break the habit of), I am hitting the ball more consistantly than I used to. I’m remembering to keep my left arm straight on the back swing and my timing is getting better. I’m also getting more comfortable and relaxed, and I feel there was a large improvement from last time. I’ve already agreed to go out with my dad again when I come back for Christmas. I’m happy that the golf gene finally kicked in and I can enjoy this game.

Watched It’s a Wonderful Life and Love Actually today. I anticipate watching them several more times between now and Christmas. Both have an incredible ability to run me through the gamut of emotions and leave me happy at the end.

Speaking of emotions, I don’t know why, but the past two days I’ve been hit with incredible bouts of melencholie, and I just don’t know why. That actually happened to me about a week ago, and I can’t figure out why I would feel that way. I have nothing to be sad about. Everything is going remarkably. But I sometimes can’t help but feel frustrated at nothing, like I want to bang my head into a wall or tear something apart just to feel the pulling against my arms as my muscles tense.

It’s almost like all of the misery I’ve been not feeling for months now wants my attention suddenly, and I’m not exactly sure how to turn it around. I don’t want to feel this way. I have no reason to feel this way. It defies the orderly method by which I live my life and have so dramatically changed it for the better. Maybe it’s just my tendency to see life as remarkably more dramatic than it is, and I create emotional problems for myself so I can have my share of sullen and thoughtful closeups. It’s just that I get in these moods and I need to feel alive because I can feel my life slipping away, and all I want to do is shout or fuck or dance or run or cry or do something until I’m exhausted just so I know that I’m still here and breathing and not wasting a single moment of my life in case it is drifting beyond my grasp.

Well, this post was going to be public, but I just changed to Friends Only as it seems to have gotten a little too honest. Funny thing is, I didn’t realize until I was writing it that I ever held anything back. I’m not even exactly sure how I feel right now. All I really know is that I’m still here and I want to do something, but am stuck about to watch Shrek the Third with my parents and I’m not sure if I’m really hollow and fill the space with good feelings and positive messages, or if I’m full, and the things filling me are hollow.

Where did that come from…


Couldn’t help myself….

I’m so remarkably vain

Well, this was certainly a good day.

First, let me thank everyone who called or sent text messages wishing me a happy birthday. It really meant a lot to get such a simple gesture, and I’m so deeply honored to call you family.

The day itself went well. We ended up having nine people for dinner, which felt good since we almost only had four people, and neither my mother nor I had ever had a small Thanksgiving. It’s really just outside of our experience. Considering my father was the youngest of six children, I doubt he ever had a small one either, but he’s much more adaptable than us.

Dinner came out perfectly. I mean absolutely perfect, down to the tinest background flavor. It was nice to have the option of helping where I wanted to, and watching the Macy’s parade when I didn’t feel like it. Have to say, the director they got for the television broadcast this year was awful. I mean, really terrible. Matt Lauer would point something out, and the camera would be showing something entirely different. When they had somebody on a float talking or singing, the camera would often be on somebody else who was just dancing or hanging on and waving. Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching it, but that’s one of those things that you don’t want to screw up.

The stuff from the musicals was pretty kewl. Had a preview of one of the songs from the Young Frankenstein show. It was ok, but very old-school Broadway in it’s sound. If you like that sort of thing, it’s all for you. Also, I think Inga should have been showing more cleavage, but I admit that’s personal taste and no reflection on actual production value. What amazed me is that they did all of this without stagehands who, like the writers, are on strike at the moment.

Spent a lot of time talking with my Uncle Joe. I’ve really, in the past couple of years, started to appreciate the wisdom and faith he brings to life and passes on to those around them. I don’t know if it’s a sign of my growing up that I recognize more the value of the lessons that he has, or simply that enough years of hearing them has finally made me wise enough to listen very hard, but the messages of love and the premium he places on thought and common sense have really begun to mean something, and I realize as I write this how close I came to losing him and how much more he has to teach me. Like my Uncle Tony, who I also almost lost just weeks ago. Like my Uncle Jack who I did lose years ago, but still claim to this day that what I know about how a classy gentleman acts, I learned from him.

Otherwise, it’s been a beautiful, relaxing day. I would have prefered it a little colder (I got snow flurries in Orlando for my birthday last year), but you take what you can get. Got to show my father the first episode of Supernatural, which he likes and wants to watch more of this weekend. We also watched a couple of Torchwood episodes. If any of you know any cute girls with Welsh accents, please point them in my direction.

Probably going to go to sleep in the reasonably near future. I could talk about my birthday presents, or what I drank, or the problems I’m having with my own computer (I’m using my mom’s right now), or any other number of innocuous things, but I think instead I’ll leave you with a quote from Bobby Sands. As we move from a day for thanks into a season of hope, remember that while none of us are perfect, there is a time that we can reach within and touch the best that humanity has to offer.

“Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.” – Bobby Sands

Another Meme

Not bad if I do say so myself.


However, this wasn’t nearly as good.


Looking for payday loans?

I suppose in the case of a zombie apocalypse, I would mix drinks.


I swear I will post a real update soon. In the meantime.

“If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?” (Now post this in your LJ and find out what mine would be)