Couldn’t help myself….

My sex appeal is 8.3 out of 10.
Ladies beware!!!

Lets101 – Free Dating

How did the answers I gave come out to that? I’m suddenly not so sure about the scientific viability of the 10-question internet quiz.

Lets101 – Online Free Dating

Again, I’m not quite sure how my answers turned into this. Is it wrong of me to imagine a panel of statiticians at…uh… who are constantly and painstaking trying to figure out the most efficient and accurate way to, in ten arbitrary questions, calculate exactly how many women a guy might have attracted to him?

Plus, some of the answers are hysterical. I can imagine the scene now with the above-mentioned panel of statiticians.

Fred: “Forsythe, I need the polar opposite of ‘Good-looking.’ But not something with a negative connotation to it like, ‘Ugly as sin,’ since I’m not sure if really ugly people actually know it.”

Forsythe: “Why don’t we create a quiz to tell people how ugly they are based on 10 questions? No, make that 15 questions; this could be tough.”

Fred: “Already working on it. Right now, though, I need the opposite of ‘good-looking.'”

Forsythe: “How about ‘Caring’? I know I’m really hot, and I totally don’t give a damn about anything!”

Fred: “Well done, Forsythe! ‘Caring,’ it is.”