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Ok, so many of you know, I had a sub job today where I was hoping to establish myself and get a full-time gig next year. I’ve been booked for a week.

So, I get in there, and find out that another sub with my last name called and canceled his gig, and the person accidentally canceled and re-assigned mine. At least I can go home and get some more sleep.

Home I go, and no sleep for me, which is still fine since it’ll help me sleep tonight and keep on a schedule. I’m on the floor practicing my kneeling, and I get a call from the sub coordinator at that school from this morning who offers me not one day next week, not two, but three days in a row! I’ve already got Monday booked in Orange county, and this is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to add to that in Seminole!

However, it might be a moot point, since five minutes later I get a call from another high school that wants to interview me tomorrow morning for a full-time English gig this year! And the woman is like, “This might be a little earlier than you’re used to, but how is 7:30?” and I’m thinking to myself, “7:30? I’m usually in a classroom and getting ready by 7:00!” I, of course, agreed to the interview.

Tomorrow I’m getting a full-time gig. This is it. This is my chance to slough off the stigma and poverty of unemployment and shape young minds for a living. I’m about ready to burst from excitement.


Sorry this has taken so long, but I’ve had so many other things to take care of regarding this venue, including approvals, VSSes, regional histories, etc.

Suffice it to say, here is the last part of this little bit of story. More stories will come soon, but this snippet ends with this one. I’d love comments.

WTF times Wha-huh?

Meme behind here

Thank you, morningsprite

I know I haven’t updated in a while, but having just read all of this stuff (not being able to sleep), I find that the only positive message on my Friends page is from morningsprite. Thank you, Dark Lord, for being awesome.

And for the rest of you, I hope things get better. In the meantime, take five minutes and chill, please. I worry about the stress you put on yourselves.

EDIT: Correction, Dexeron and thehalien also had positive messages. Thank you both.

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