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OOC: The second part of this story. Getting ideas for more stories to post, but this really jumped to mind. Enjoy.

Danny Kaye, eat your heart out


OOC: This is my first IC post for Lost. It came to me the other day. I’m considering trying to make a Token based on the one in the next post, but only because the Token made itself known to me as a natural part of the story, rather than my making up a story to justify a magical item. This is based on the discussion that Jake and I had about our characters meeting.

The True Meaning of Insanity, pt. 1

Pointless, but fun

Ok, so this isn’t a real update, but I just finished watching the new Doctor Strange animated movie and it’s fantastic. The beginning segment reminds me of some of the stuff going on in the local Mage game. But they did a really great job with the movie, and coming from somebody whose favorite comic character (from any brand) is the Sorcerer Supreme, that’s saying something.

EDIT: Quote from Stan Lee about naming the villian in the documentary on the DVD: “‘The Dread Dormammu.’ I wouldn’t walk into a room if I thought somebody called that was inside.”