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Really sick

Just got back from Walmart to pick up Chloraseptic. Please check the time. Turns out my throat hurts so much that the pain of swallowing woke me and keeps me awake. The lovely, lovely numbing effect is helping, but I see little to no point in trying to go back to sleep for the next hour before the alarm goes off to get Mary out of bed. Instead, I just got a new book, so I’m going to sit up and read that, occasionally re-applying my numbing agent, and wait until Mary needs to wake up. As soon as the doctor’s office opens, I’ll call to see if I can get in. I’m trying not to think what I think it is so I don’t draw it to me, but that’s really hard. Any and all plans for the next two weekends are officially soft plans until I know what’s up.

EDIT: Just got home from seeing the doctor. I wanted to hear two things: “It’s not tonsillitis” and “It’s not strep.” Fortunately, I heard both this morning, which is a plus. Turns out the incredible amount of pain I’m in is linked directly to the vast amount of drainage I have in my throat and near inability to use my nose to breathe at the moment.

Good news: Hopefully, it can be cleared up pretty easily with powerful expectorants.

Slightly off news: It still might be a sinus infection.

Good news again: If I don’t feel better over the weekend, my doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics in case it is an infection. However, if I do get better, I don’t have to fill it.

So, today will be about rest, fluids, my book, and an abundance of warm, soothing liquid meals that won’t make me want to cry swallowing them.


In Your Pants (stolen fromladyleo)

So here is my question
What would I have to do to get in your pants?

Answers are screened

So, I tried looking for temp agencies today, and one of them, Staffing Now, kept coming up in my searches. So I decided to check them out, and they had a fair amount of jobs in the area. One of them had a phone number for the company on it, so I decided to give them a call to make sure they got my resume.

Turns out the woman who I spoke to went to my high school, and set up an interview for me for Friday morning. She seemed confident that she could find me a job for the summer. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Granted, it’s only a temp job, but it’s work and will keep me in an apartment and, you know, food. Whatever it is I need, I get. Life is abundant.

Sick today. I’m calling it “Revenge of the Thing I Had Before SERE.” And, like any good horror film, I have to think of new twists on the previously attempted elimination methods in order to get rid of this. So, more medicine, new sleeping schedule, and general malaise punctuated by reading and catching up on television in the meantime.

Regardless, I anticipate being fine by the weekend. I’ll be around if anyone wants to call/email/AIM/GTalk/etc.

I’m going to steel Sting’s format for this.

Name: Bandabras
Type: Something related to the water, possibly a water-elf
Other concept notes: I’m trying to re-create and change a little my Dreaming character that I never got to play and didn’t get out of my system, so a lot of things will sound similar. However, I hope that the character will be both different enough and interesting that you’ll forgive my need to finally tell this person’s story.

Bandabras liked to help people. He was raised in South Florida in privilege, the only child of a real estate mogul. You could say he had a nice childhood, spending most of his time walking up and down Lincoln Rd., taking in the culture and especially drawn to the street musicians. And the homeless.

Bandy’s impulse was always to assist in any way he could. He would often, to his father’s chagrin, bring the homeless, drug addicts, or even once an escaped fugitive, home to spend a few days in their large, and otherwise empty house. Even if he could only offer a good meal and a shower, it would be more than many of these people had had in weeks. His father never seemed to understand, and would often pray for strength from his dead mother, who’s bohemian attitudes primarily shaped Bandy’s personality before she passed on when he was seven.

Around the age of 13 he fell in love with surfing, and his father, encouraging some activity that didn’t involve bringing derelicts into their home, spent thousands of dollars paying for lessons, equipment, surf trips, and eventually competitions. Suddenly, his trips down Ocean or Lincoln were replaced by a hectic schedule of shows and Opens, and his private school education was replaced by a private tutor.

Around the age of 20, Bandabras was back home and decided to take a tour of his old haunts. While walking down Lincoln, he came across a woman playing the violin and fell instantly in love. Which is why, when a robbery of one of the nearby boutiques turned violent and a wild shot hit her only minutes after his arrival, he rushed immediately to her side. Little did he know that he can drawn her attention, and, when the ambulance arrived and took her away, that she would visit him in his home later than evening, taking him for her enjoyment to her homeworld.

After Bandy finally escaped, having realized that this woman could never love him and only saw him as a toy, possibly a pet, he decided that the best way to use his knowledge and money would be to help those others who found their way back through the hedge. When he came back, it was to find that his father was gone, and control of the family fortune mysteriously passed to him, so he opened “Bandy’s Home for Lost Runaways” in Orlando as a half-way house for escapees from the Others.

(Note: This makes a lot of assumptions on the nature of the Others, so there could be drastic changes to this, and there will be more details later, but these are the basics)

Other notes in the fae realm: Bandy would have been happy to live as a pet for a while, but eventually that would have worn off. His quiet rebellion would be to help others escape, or at least listen to their troubles.

Potential ties: Jake’s “Round table” so far. And a few non-specific, “Let’s create character ties,” suggestions that I’m sure will fill out as more information becomes available. Considering what he does, there are several built-in connections for people who don’t want many details.

All above details pending to change.

OK, so I finally get to use this filter for something good. I just got back from Paul J. Haggerty High School, where I spoke with Mrs. Thompson, the assistant principal. Turns out that she does the hiring for English teachers because she had been one for 16 years before getting into administration.

We had a very nice conversation. She loved my sample syllabus and lesson plan (thanx, northernminx) and especially liked my book choices, as well as how I set things up. While the permanent positions for next year have been filled, there is a half-year one that will be posted in July for a teacher going on maternity leave. She told me that if a full-time gig doesn’t show up between now and then, if I want the half-year than I can have it. So, either way, I’ll have some sort of job for next year as an English teacher.

We had a great conversation, laughed a little, talked literature and what I like to study. She loved that I’ve been published both as a creative writer and in scholarly journals. The fact that I came in to see her put me at the top of the resume pile, and Mrs. Thompson told me that as soon as I applied for any position at that school, I was to call her or come in to see her again and let her know.

What I found really exciting about this prospect is that the school is only finishing its second year in operation. Last year they only had a freshman class. This year they had freshmen and sophomores, and will add juniors next year. So, I was told that if I worked there and they liked the job I did, I would be considered to be part of the English department teaching the senior class that they will add the year after next. Wouldn’t that be incredible if I could teach seniors so early in my career?

I’m really excited right now and wanted to share.

So much for me not using this filter just for complaining. Sorry, just getting it out of my system.

Don’t click behind here if you don’t want to read

Ok, so this one might not be as shiny as “God Will Give You Everything You Want,” but I have to say I’m a little freaked by this particular fortune I just got.

Preface: I’m trying to make my house habitable by humans again, and I come across a fortune cookie sitting on the counter. I didn’t really want the cookie itself, but something told me to open it up and get the fortune. So I did.

“You will attend an unusual party and meet someone important.”

Part of this is that I’m not used to actually getting fortunes in my fortune cookies. Usually it’s wise sayings that involve nature imagery. Still, I’m just a little curious at this point. Vague? A little, but more intriguing than “You are a pleasure to be around and everyone likes you” or similar. The word “unusual” strikes me, as 90% of what I do could be classified as such. “Someone important” can mean anything. And, of course, there’s no timeline on this.

This, by the way, is a cross-section of how my brain works. Anyway, it seemed rather strange and direct, so I thought I’d share.

Looking forward to a little Promethean creation tonight.

If you’re reading this, you’ve made my “Trusted” filter. In the future, I hope that this will not become a forum for complaints that I don’t want to make public, but I do hope that on the rare occasion that I do have something angsty to say, that you’ll recognize that you are one of the few people on Earth that I feel comfortable sharing with, and will not click behind the cuts I’ll try to remember to put in if you don’t want to see me complain.

With that said, whining will proceed after this point.

SERE in a nutshell

Since I’ve been informed by a reliable source that people don’t read con updates, I’m simply going to present this in a series of Lessons, Quotes, Life Plans, and Notes.

Cut to save Friends Pages. Be a pretty bad Friend if I didn’t.