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I will think only in complete sentences. My mind is my own and therefore under my control.

This weekend went well for us, by which I mean not poorly. We all walked out in one piece. The loss of Nicolas Ebon disappoints me. That last was misplaced in the narrative, punish yourself later. I like to think that headway was made with our family, especially with Audra and Marie.

Now that Audra and Julian are mending their differences and it seems that Marie will also be able to begin her glorious life as a member of the Derzhava, most of our internal strife is cleared up. I’m sure Rose will always have something new to rub another family member wrong, and Bella needs to get over her problems with Taty, but at least some of the problems are better off. Now I will begin my investigation of Marie in earnest.

This task will work well as I will be further educating Audra in the finer points of espionage. She will need a professional makeup kit and to start learning the names of elected and appointed officials in her state and any other states she plans to build an alias in. She will also need to learn how not to be noticed, as she is already quite adept at drawing attention to herself. This is a valuable skill, but without the ability to do both at a moment, she will be unable to live up to her full potential. Several other skills she will need. Make a list and memorize it, then burn it. Scratch that, make a list in code and make her decipher it before teaching the tasks. Cryptography is a handy skill. Decide later, back to the narrative.

Leopold Trepper made his first large-scale public appearance this weekend. I am pleased by the response that he got. For a gathering of monsters, I found that many people felt sorry for the poor, lost foreigner, with his nearly indecipherable accent and strange mannerisms. I had thought that Lady Constance would have either recoiled or made herself more available when I attempted to sniff her, but she took the action in stride. Brava to her. So many of the women I spoke to as Leopold actually found a place in their undead hearts for the pathetic little Gangrel Invictus, and I have decided to continue my correspondence with Lady Constance as Leopold as I suspect that I can use that connection to place Leopold in more august company. Otherwise, I was able to make several connections myself. I am particularly proud of the discussion with the head of Invictus security, who seemed genuinely flattered that I wanted to speak with her later. It’s too bad that Caderyn wasn’t speaking when I was talking to her behind his back. I wanted to know what he was thinking. Still, this is another possible inroad to the higher echelons of the Trust.

Speaking of which, three Invictus were murdered this weekend. Though I could care less one way or another about Prince Hubbins and feel that Alder Cornell was an ass, and have since he and Caderyn were too drunk to remember their station so recently, I find I genuinely respected Alder Ebon. This is strange for me, as I genuinely feel very little any more, but I find that the news of Alder Ebon’s death somewhat pained me. While I feel that Covenants are only a means to an end, the small Invictus part of me realizes that among the luminaries of the Estate, Ebon was the most passionate and scholarly among his peers. He seemed to honestly believe that the place of the Invictus was as a benevolent leader to vampire society, responsible to them before oneself. I know also that my sire wished to swear to Alder Ebon, and I grieve that he may have to remain in the vassalage of Alder de la Torre without the negotiating leverage that he might have previously had. I have offered to Prince Talbot to help with the investigation and hope that this will not only keep me privy to the status of it, but might also let me contribute in some way to retribution for what I consider the most heinous of the various murders. Nobody should know this, except perhaps my sire. The rest of the family wouldn’t care, and the outside world would see me as a romantic rather than a professional.

I should check the security video from the Havens for the weekend. That will take all night, even watching several at once. I will drink a toast to whatever remains of the soul of Alder Nicholas D.C. Ebon III. May he find peace, and an afterlife full of people eager to listen to him ramble on for eternity.


God for a Moment

From the Journal of the late Noel Aig:


I awoke this morning vaguely remembering how close I was to perfection. I can’t remember all of what I knew, but also can’t help but feel that a part of that grand and wonderful few moments has stayed with me. I only wish any other members of my cabal with there with me. The power was meaningless, but being so near the Supernal once again was like coming home to a place I’d only been once. It fit so perfectly that one would think I could never want to be anywhere else. I would have stayed, except…

I sent her a message once I was outside of the house. I didn’t have a lot of Mana left, especially after boosting Mr. Black and Murphy Law’s resolve earlier in the evening, but I’m reletively sure I had enough to get through, if only briefly. How do you, in a few words, describe the feeling of being absolutely and impossibly knowledgable, warm and close to the truest part of your nature?

It was difficult to watch it explode the next day, but itis better that the Schreklich House no longer exist. I can only imagine what would have happened had a mortal stumbled upon it, let alone more Mages that knew what they were doing. Buck, Eagle’s Feather, and the rest of those in the previous cabals that attempted to open the Supernal Verge that we succeeded in doing that night shouldn’t have died knowing that they were too proud only to have their terrible work finished for them by a larger and even less experienced group. While our connection to the Supernal is a great accomplishment, it will one day have to be repaired by more stable means. But, if we can do it once, I am positive that we will be able to do it again, and better next time. In the meantime, however, I feel amazingly empty and lost, and I can’t wait to be home among the people I love.

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OK, so several of you probably know that there was an issue with my bank account while I was at ICC. I’m now overdrafted because my paycheck was never deposited, and I’m on hold with Kelly Educational Staffing to get that cleared up. In the meantime, I still have available funds to get through the week until Mary gets paid again on Friday, so that’ll be ok. That was the bad news part. Now for the great news.

I checked my email a little while ago, I found this in there:

Dear Christopher,
The editorial staff of Florida English accepts your submission “First Date” for its 2006 issue. You will receive your contributors copy by mail in late November. Please see our website for more journal details:
Thank you very much for your support of the publication, and congratulations on your acceptance.


The Editors

Courtney Ruffner
Jeff Grieneisen
Rich McKee

As of late November, I will officially be a published author!

ICC Pictures

Ok, so I just finished posting the pics I took at ICC. No IC ones, I figured others might get those since my camera doesn’t take good pictures in low light. But there are several OOC ones that I just took while everyone was hanging out. Look forward to see what other stills people got. Still working on the video. Most of you know what that means. I just want to see if I can digitally brighten it. If not, the one Jilly got will have to be the only official one. Feel free to check my ICC 2006 gallery on this LJ.

I set my mind in motion

My mind is my own. My thoughts are under my control. I will control my mind and think in reasoned, measured sentences.

This evening I will fly to Milwaukee. It pains me not to be with my family directly, but I can serve them better in my current position. “The unknown threat is the most dangerous.” Remember that. Never forget that.

I’m going to have to speak with Audra. These problems are out of control, and while Julian’s inability to relate to her is mostly to blame, if she doesn’t take control of her pride, she will be destroyed by it. I’ve seen it. I almost was it. She is too talented to waste on herself, and I cannot let her self-destruction bring anybody with her. Remember both of those reasons, they are your stakes.

Waiting on Salomon and Dante doesn’t sound exciting in the slightest, but I believe that I will be able to slip into the places that I need to. If I can somehow get into the meeting of the Trust, I believe it will what was that? Cat outside. that it will reveal something important.

I trust that the Crone will have some sort of new information regarding Inanna before the end of the the week. She is too quiet, and this sort of gathering is too much…lost concentration. Remember to punish yourself later. too much of a temptation, even if only to pass along a message. If she is still interested in that fu…Chase, my sire’s influence runs deep, then there’s a possibility that his marriage to Rose might put her in trouble as well. At least I can openly help her. Can’t help my sire, but I now have an in-road to Ethan and Audra due to my position in the ASC.

Remember to breathe when in the company of mortals. Grey Taurus was the only car passing by the window during this session, year 2000. They end their production today. Lost concentration twice, almost thought incorrectly. End session.

OOC: So, the format I’ve decided on for Nick posts is that you’re getting inside Nick’s head while he basically meditates and puts his thoughts in order. Parts of this will be stream of consciousness as a result, but I think that readers will have the best opportunity to see how Nick sees the world and events around him. Let me know how it works out.

From the Journal of the late Noel Aig:


Everything appears to be packed. I always found it strange that while the English neatness in all other things seemed to come naturally to me, the ability to pack in any semblance of order continues to escape my very Irish grasp. Often I simply give up half way through and throw my belongings and worldly possessions, as well as a selection of books for work or pleasure, into a duffle bag and be done with it, but tonight I feel like I should be trying to make an extra effort.

And that’s really where it comes in. I’m going to be a father, and I need to make those extra efforts. Extra effort to learn to pack and set a good example. Extra effort to save the world for my Awakened children. Extra effort not to get killed so that I can help raise them.

Fiction is taking this well, in her way. I really wish I had her strength. A part of me realizes how much pain she holds on to, and as a leader I wish I could do the same so effortlessly. There are times when I find it difficult to believe that our tiny group of renegade Mages looks to me for guidance, and now the entirety of the Awakened population of Orlando, save a few, will do the same. I can already feel some of them trying to guide me on their path instead of my own, but for the most part they want me to clean up the mess that’s been made over the course of a year, and it frightens me that I have no idea where to start. I also don’t know how to be a father. And yet I’ll have to learn to be responsible in both cases while on the job, so to say.

For record-keeping purposes, I’m flying to Milwaukee on the 6:15 Airtran flight out of Orlando and have a layover in Atlanta, putting me in Wisconson around 10 o’clock. Among the issues I will have to keep an eye on is that the Free Council is hosting a party in a house owned by Jimmy Hood-Wink that is known to have pockets of free-floating Paradox or some such, so the use of magic is out, and I will have to keep a close watch on Zephyr, who hides his nervousness well but will need support if that armoire appears and he is required to use his magical key. Though I don’t know what else will happen, I’m sure that the convergence of events will bring me to the place I need to be.

OOC: Before anybody freaks, Noel is not dead. However, I thought it would be an interesting format to have this be his published journals (in Awakened society, perhaps) from after his death sometime in the future. It’s the only way anybody would be able to read his journals, so it seemed appropriate. Hopefully I’ll have time to do more of these.

OOC: New Filter

If you are seeing this, you’re lucky enough to be on my Mage filter. For lack of anything better to do, I’ve decided on the off chance I want to make IC posts, I’d limit it to the people who might be interested and I could trust not to take it IC unless their character was involved or was otherwise informed. However, I thought the option would be nice. I’ve tried to list everybody and only once, but if I got two of your LJs, missed somebody, or selected the incorrect LJ, drop me an email or a comment and I’ll make the necessary corrections.

If you are seeing this, you’re lucky enough to be on my Vampire filter. For lack of anything better to do, I’ve decided that on the off chance I want to make IC posts, I’d limit it to the people who might be interested and I could trust not to take it IC unless their character was involved or was otherwise informed. However, I thought the option would be nice. I’ve tried to list everybody and only once, but if I got two of your LJs, missed somebody, or selected the incorrect LJ, drop me an email or a comment and I’ll make the necessary corrections.