Well, we’re basically all in the apartment, and it rocks so seriously hardcore I can’t even begin to describe it. I love being here, and have never felt so at home as in this place. There is no way to truly describe it, and the only way to understand is to be able to be with your friends until all hours of the night than simply filter to your rooms when you’re done. I also couldn’t be happier that Ben came along, as he has made this a worthwhile and interesting experience.

The only problem with all of this is that I leave for the summer today. I have plenty of time to visit and whatnot, but it will be strange not being able to stay here. I am already getting used to my room, and still have a dresser to build. There’s a painting I have yet to hang and movies I have yet to watch with my friends here. I suppose I must leave now, but when I return, it will be for good, and than the Four Winds will be complete.