Ok, so I was watching an episode of Babylon 5 with my mother today. I must have copies of that series. How difficult is it to find them? I’ll take realvideo quality if I have to. I’m doubting these will ever be put on DVD, and I need to have ready access to this show. I want to do a week-long or more marathon. I want to be immersed in rich story and interesting characters. I want to be able to laugh with them and cry with them, and watch a show where I care about the results of incidents involving Sheridan, or Marcus, or Garabaldi, or any of the tapestry of interwoved people that creates this universe. Asking for episodes of Crusade is just right out, but the original series doesn’t seem like much, on the grand scale of things. It’s not like I’m asking for world peace or anything silly like that. I just want episodes of Babylon 5. Ok, insane rant over.