OK, so several of you probably know that there was an issue with my bank account while I was at ICC. I’m now overdrafted because my paycheck was never deposited, and I’m on hold with Kelly Educational Staffing to get that cleared up. In the meantime, I still have available funds to get through the week until Mary gets paid again on Friday, so that’ll be ok. That was the bad news part. Now for the great news.

I checked my email a little while ago, I found this in there:

Dear Christopher,
The editorial staff of Florida English accepts your submission “First Date” for its 2006 issue. You will receive your contributors copy by mail in late November. Please see our website for more journal details: http://www.flacea.org/FLENG/FloridaEnglish1.htm.
Thank you very much for your support of the publication, and congratulations on your acceptance.


The Editors

Courtney Ruffner
Jeff Grieneisen
Rich McKee

As of late November, I will officially be a published author!