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I fell asleep that night to the smell of salt after the day’s competition. After years in Opens and charity events, I finally scored an Invitational. This was the big time. The surfing world was finally learning the Pelinor name, and it was huge.

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Sorry this has taken so long, but I’ve had so many other things to take care of regarding this venue, including approvals, VSSes, regional histories, etc.

Suffice it to say, here is the last part of this little bit of story. More stories will come soon, but this snippet ends with this one. I’d love comments.

WTF times Wha-huh?

OOC: The second part of this story. Getting ideas for more stories to post, but this really jumped to mind. Enjoy.

Danny Kaye, eat your heart out

OOC: This is my first IC post for Lost. It came to me the other day. I’m considering trying to make a Token based on the one in the next post, but only because the Token made itself known to me as a natural part of the story, rather than my making up a story to justify a magical item. This is based on the discussion that Jake and I had about our characters meeting.

The True Meaning of Insanity, pt. 1