• Thu, 16:16: New Zealand students burn wangs into the grass of their school, and now it’s caught on Google Earth. http://digs.by/lPjQMt #im12
  • Thu, 16:55: I have discovered sinus passages I never knew I had #lambvindaloo #holdme
  • Thu, 17:23: Just got an email from Courage Campaign saying that Orbitz is reviewing its Fox advertising. Waiting on media coverage. Did #dropfox work?
  • Thu, 18:00: I find it endlessly amusing that the new toy I bought last night is made by a company who’s logo looks a lot like the Obama logo.
  • Thu, 19:04: The bad news: will be in a rental car for the next week or more. The good news: getting a brand new engine for my car for free.
  • Thu, 19:23: RT @daveweigel: Gingrich’s aides are only leaving him because they love America so much
  • Thu, 22:21: Thought of an incredible place to take visitors to Orlando. Hanging here now.
  • Fri, 01:15: Awesome friend gave me sugar scrub on my back, elbows, and knees. They feel incredible.