I’ve made it a habit of writing very strong prose in this segment of my LJ for several months now. I enjoy righteous anger. It keeps me young.

But you know what else keeps me young? Video games.

Which is why I was so excited to see this.

That’s right, left-wingers: Super Obama World. This little game follows the trials and tribulations of a young president elect fighting his way into Alaska to confront the evil governor of the state. Along the way he’ll battle lipstick pigs, lobbyists, people with racks of expensive clothing from Sak’s Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, and so much more.

This game has already eaten a good hour of my life, and only my desire to share with you, my faithful readers, pulled me away from it. As a game itself, it’s pretty bad and basically cobbled together. Things like points, the spinning flag pins that you collect as you go along, and even completing levels means very little in this side scroller. However, the creator spent a lot of time incorporating what future generations will consider inside jokes from the election into the game. The levels seem to be named after Sarah Palin quotes and actions (“Thanks but no thanks,” “For everything else, there’s the RNC,” etc.), there are signs and backgrounds that allude to gaffs or comments, and the general feel is one of light-hearted fun. I especially liked the Bridge to Nowhere in the first level, as annoying as it was to walk all the way across it only to find a sign for “Nowhere, Alaska” and the unpleasant realization that I’d have to walk back.

I have something serious to talk about in another post, but I thought this would be fun for somebody looking to kill a couple of hours that you’ll never get back. Good luck on achieving “Level Completion We Can Believe In.”