OK, I know that politics is generally a lot of people lying about things. I’m aware that we are unlikely to get the truth from either party. But you know what I like about Democrats? If they’re lying to me, it’s not something I can immediately identify as lies. Maybe it’s elitist of me, but I think my leaders should be smart enough to effectively pull the wool over my eyes if they’re going to try. Thus far, I’ve seen very little of that from the Obama camp.

However, the hamfisted attempts to deceive the American people from the McCain campaign frankly makes me want to laugh. The Republican party has been informed that we’ve had recording devices for several years now, and repeating over and over again that something is one way when it is not does not actually erase those images, sounds, and confirmed words. Jonathan Swift had a phrase for this sort of tactic: “Saying the thing that is not.” Well, Senator McCain, you and your running mate, Governor Palin, have spent every moment since her premiere saying the things that is not.

Among the most famous are her claims that she fired her personal chef and put her private plane that came with her governorship on Ebay. Credit to Palin, she did not say she “sold” her jet on Ebay, at least not in this stump speech, just that she put it on there, which is true. She did three times, and eventually when nobody met the reserve she went through an aviation broker and lost money on it. Please observe the speech, the parts I refer to are at around 1:55 and 2:40 respectively:

Of course, according to an Anchorage Daily News article from 1/08/08, long before Sarah Palin was a VP candidate, the chef thing is a lie: http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Alt/alt.politics/2008-09/msg00614.html You can’t claim you helped the budget by firing somebody when you didn’t fire them, just employed them elsewhere. The question, ma’am, is if you are trying to lead by example, what example do you think this sets for the American people?

I could go on about how she campaigned on the Bridge to Nowhere in 2006 and claims now that she was against it and even “stopped” it rather than taking the money from it and running:

But let’s instead talk about John McCain and his false and outlandish mockery of outrage at Barack Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment. Other than the sheer hypocrisy derived from what I have to assume is the fact that John McCain was born before the invention of Talkies and therefore didn’t know that he’s on record using this exact same phrase at least four other times, once actually referring to Hilary Clinton, but the fact that his campaign is so false, so divisive, so lacking in substance that he has to manufacture scandal in order to hit at Obama. That he has the audacity to question Obama’s audacity in this matter sickens me:

However, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Obama’s response. Thank you, Senator, for actually hitting back! I’ve been waiting for so long for you to actually respond to these lunatics. It’s like watching the climatic scene in The American President when Andy Sheppard actually responds to Bob Rumson’s comments. It was forceful, eloquent, and damn it, I was inspired. “I don’t care what they say about me, but I love this country too much to let them take over another election with lies and phoney outrage and Swiftboat politics.”:

Sadly, I can continue posting these clips all day long. The one where John McCain blames the Bridge to Nowhere for the I-35 Mississippi Bridge disaster, where his people reverse opinions when it’s convenient for them, where his supporters apply one criteria to liberals and people they are already predisposed to dislike, and another to people they are obligated, either by enlightened self-interest or the complex web of friendships and favors they’ve developed, reminiscent of the powder keg preceding the first World War or the society of Looters from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, to agree with regardless of the emptiness of their words, the contradictions in their statements, or the hatred and bile they are willing to spew on most of the American people.

And yet, I have to ask myself, with the polls in a dead heat at the moment, is Barack Obama naive when he says, “The American people aren’t stupid”?
I’m reminded of the words of a former president, Harry Truman, who asked the American people, “How many times do you have to get hit over the head before you figure out who’s hitting you?” We have seen time and time again the unveiled hatred and contempt that the Republican party has for the poor, for racial minorities, for women, for homosexuals, for Muslims, for people who believe in a free and uncensored media, for people who don’t want to be spied on in their own homes, and basically for anybody who doesn’t agree that the only way to run this country is to teach anti-scientific Christian values and either segregate or disenfranchise anyone who doesn’t fall into their narrow version of propriety.

What’s worse, I’m still a little nauseated by the blatant, disgusting, and insulting way in which 9/11 was used at the RNC for political advantage. I refer mostly to the “tribute” video that shows scene after scene of the most horrible footage available from that day. This is footage that the mainstream media agreed to stop showing, or only show after the most stringent warnings as to its content, and they showed it with impunity on national television and had the audacity to suggest that John McCain is the only person who can prevent such a tragedy from happening again.

I described it as I was watching as “horrendously exploitative,” and I stand by that remark, adding that it is an insult, a sick and inappropriate joke, to all of the survivors of that day, those related to the dead, and those who risked their own lives in the following weeks working in the wreckage. Senator McCain, you and your party disgust me, from your political opportunism in showing this video, to Rudy Guiliani’s surprise that the Democrats “hardly mentioned 9/11.” Well, perhaps in your world it’s ok to take whatever political advantage you can get at the expense of the memories of thousands of American dead, Mr. Guiliani, but I for one would not feel comfortable selling the lives of my fellow citizens, members of my country, my state, and my city who elected me to watch out for their welfare for political bargaining chips and a keynote position at my party’s nominating convention.

Perhaps that’s the difference between us, Mr. Guiliani, Senator McCain, Governor Palin, Senator Graham, and every one of your colleagues that is trying to use 9/11 to purchase the presidency. And, much like Senator Obama, I too love my country too much to see you steal this election by playing to the fears you’ve spent eight years painstakingly implanting into the hearts of Americans and deftly avoiding having to deal with any of the issues facing our country today. As far as I can tell, since you haven’t told me anything that would contradict this notion, you have no intent to fix the economy, end the war in Iraq, or even pay attention to any aspect of the Constitution other than the Second Amendment. Further, I see nothing but more attempts to deny rights to homosexuals, limit women’s ability to get equal pay for equal work and control their own bodies, and try to force learning institutions, with less money, to teach an extra curriculum based not on objective fact, but on the tenets of your faith. You have lied time and time again, Senator McCain, and my sadness that 46% of the country still thinks you’re a fit leader is only overshadowed by my anger that you, a war hero who also once served this country honorably in the United States Senate, would stoop to the level of Karl Rove politics where if you say a lie enough times it becomes the truth.

With that, I would like to leave you all with Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment from 9/10 regarding the branding of 9/11tm where he says much of what I did in a much more eloquent way.