I’ve gotta say, I’m really liking my new Linux box. I’ve finally gotten the system on there and I’m slowly putting the applications I need onto it.

The best thing is, Gentoo makes things like this so remarkably easy. All I have to do is type “emerge” followed by the name of the application that I want and it accesses the ebuild, figures out what other programs I’ll need, downloads all the appropriate files, compiles them, and puts them in the right place so all I have to do is wait for it to be done and use it. And it’s so quick about it! And with so little RAM since I lost one of my chips!

I’m compiling KDE on the computer itself, and I was using another terminal to try and get my printer working, specifically so I can use it over the network. Now I’m ported into it from my laptop using an SSH client doing basically the same thing, making all of this so much easier. Then I need to work on being able to access my ntfs partition, which shouldn’t be too hard, and figure out how to display on my television, but that might have to wait for a GUI.

In general, I love having the ability to do whatever I want with this system, from wherever I am. One of the best parts is, anything I can think of, somebody smarter than I has already likely thought of it and written something to make it happen. And if they haven’t, I guess that’s a reason for me to learn how to do it. And since Gentoo seems to have the most helpful community of people to help as compared to any other Linux distro, if I have problems I know who to ask.

So, I’m going to go back to loving Portage and watching Charlie Bartlett (great film, BTW). But I wanted to geek out a little on Gentoo Linux.