Went to the South Florida Requiem game last night and had an absolute blast. I got to do just about everything my character was designed for and kicked ass at most of it. Only thing that I failed at was “thunk” for those who know what that is, but it allowed me to kick ass in entirely new ways and I feel like I was able to access the plot without having to search for it or fight with the people who usually eat plot as a light snack. In fact, there was enough to go around and I was able to work with other PCs, making sure several people got a piece of it.

That wasn’t dumb.

What was dumb was taking shots. Lots of shots. So, so many shots. I normally don’t do shots, prefering cocktails, mix drinks, or some sort of sipping alcohol, so I had no idea what my tolerance was for them. I minorly Neglect-ed myself, but was at least smart enough not to even try to drive (handed over my keys, in fact), and other than being very bad (verbally), didn’t do anything stupid like get into a fight and have to deal with the police. I was throwing up while that happened (seriously).

I’m feeling better now and cannot thank my friends down here more for taking care of me, making sure I drank water, getting me something to throw up in so I didn’t persist in sleeping in the bathroom, and generally helping me get through things. You guys are amazing and I wish I had the words to let you know how much that meant to me. Since I still haven’t found them for the people who helped me the last time I did something like this, you’ll just have to search for my gratitude in my actions.