Still haven’t found it, but on cellshade‘s advice, I decided to see if any public libraries have it that I might be able to get a copy via ILL.

Well, no such luck. I can’t find a copy of the book ISBN # 0825694205 anywhere. The Library of Congress and the New York Public library have copies of The Andy M. Stewart Songbook (which I’m considering getting anyway), but that’s ISBN # 0951330403. The former is 104 pages and 60 songs, while the latter is only 44 pages and I can’t find a song list anywhere since every search leads inevitably back to the former, which is ironic because I can’t find a physical copy of the former but the latter has popped up in two places.

It’s just a book of sheet music. It shouldn’t be nearly this difficult to find. I even contacted the publisher for advice, though I doubt that’ll go anywhere. Still, I continue to search. Eventually one of these books will show up, and then I’ll be able to have it for my own.