So, went over to dexeron‘s last night and ended up being part of an impromptu jam session. It was so amazingly awesome just to sit there playing music for no other reason than to play. I really loved it. cellshade was fantastic when it came to showing me what I needed to know to get along, and everyone was just a lot of fun. I look forward to when shadowphantom can join us on mandolin, and I might play the drums next time (didn’t remember that dexeron had them). But here’s a link to our recording of part of the night, just for fun. That’s me on the acoustic guitar playing rhythm (and having a blast with strumming patterns) along with danjaaren on banjo, dexeron on the electric bass, and cellshade on lead guitar. shadownphantom had just gotten her new instrument mere hours before and it’s by no means easy, so she wasn’t with us this time around, but I think that the mandolin will blend really well when she does learn it.

I’m not sure whether we called the group or the song “Almost Time” (as in, “we were almost in time occasionally there”), but here’s our jam session.