So, I was taking a nap this afternoon, and I had a dream. It was so strange. But it gave me a great idea for a Changeling con plot.

Basically, in the dream, I was running Lost scenes with feralhearted based on this plot. The odd thing was that we were clearly running scenes, but only broke character when I asked if she had really turned on the indecipherable stove in my hotel room since I was going to have a meatball parm sub both in and out of character. When I checked inside the oven, it already had a plastic container of something, and a glass jar of pickled cherry peppers inside, and it was too small (the stove) for those and my sub.

However, the plot we were scening about sounded really fantastic. It has to be a con plot, and it’s practically immersion since the best way to drop clues is during the downtime of the con between games. The only problem is that by creating the plot, I necessarily can’t be a part of it. But it would be extremely awesome in a Film Noir sort of way. A hotel robbery mystery with a Lost twist to it.