M’lady and I went shopping yesterday for suits for me. We didn’t intend to buy any, but I’ve had a desire to go suit shopping for a couple of weeks now and we saw a Men’s Wearhouse on the way to Dr. Brent’s Wednesday night, so we figured it couldn’t hurt. Besides, it would help me visualize buying suits, which is one of the first things I want to do as a very wealthy man.

We went in and looked around a little. Turns out I know little to nothing about suits. Eventually we were helped by a very nice young man who measured me and showed me several options. We discussed how versatile the suits he was showing were (6-8 outfits from 4 suits) and what the difference in brands, styles, color, and fabric were. I learned quite a bit. What I was most impressed with was that when I said I wasn’t going to buy anything today, he didn’t seem disappointed or push really hard to get me to make a purchase. He tried once, but when I refused he backed off. When I go back to buy the suits he showed me, I’m making sure this guy gets the commission.

What suits did he show me? Glad you asked.


This one I thought was really nice. I liked both pairs of pants that came with it, and was especially impressed with the nap of the fabric. It felt nice and really seemed to hug me. More to the point, the jacket can double as a sport coat with slacks and a nice shirt if I get the blue rather than the black.


I have to admit, I don’t much like three-button suits. I think they make me look shorter. More to the point, the lapels tend to be really high and I feel like it gives the impression of the suit about to choke me. This one, however, I was really happy with. It has a deeper gouge than most three-button suits, which helps with the latter problem, and actually seems to fit my body well so it doesn’t look like the third button is meant for my pants. Side-note: I didn’t realize you weren’t supposed to button the third button on a three-button suit. Fortunately, I’ve never worn one before yesterday, so I’ve never made the faux pas.


What struck me about all the Ralph Lauren ones I put on was how light they were. I almost felt like I wasn’t wearing a jacket with this one. Or, if I was, it wasn’t a suit, it was a windbreaker. Then I looked at it, and I can promise it’s no windbreaker. I can imagine moving in this one really easily. It both looked and felt nice.


Another option I liked in the three button, but I’m not as set on it as I am on the other ones. Still, I remember this one looked nice and, again, had the deep gouge that I liked.

Unfortunately, after scouring the Men’s Wearhouse website, I can’t find the suit that looked best on me. It was a light gray with a subtle check pattern and some blue highlights to it. Far and away, this suit looked the best on me and was my favorite. I’m just sorry I can’t find it to show it here, but trust me there will be pictures when I buy it and put it on. Plus, it’ll be tailored to fit me then.

I can’t wait to be able to get these suits. There’s something wonderful about putting on a nice suit, one that fits you. It represents class, elegance, and charm. It’s the best outfit a man can choose to put on.