So, I think I actually misfired while using the Law of Attraction to my advantage.

I’ve already stated that while last year was Kaoru’s Year of Health, 2008 is Kaoru’s Year of Wealth. I’m finally on a good health kick, so now I can concentrate my intention on getting the funds that I want to live the kind of life I’ve dreamed of but never believed possible. Until now.

So, for the past week and a half, anytime I’ve had some downtime I’ve been concentrating on wealth. I’ve been trying to visualize having all the money I need or want, being fabulously rich, and doing all the things I want to do. The trick with using the Law of Attraction is to really try and feel the feelings of already having what you want and fixing it in your mind, so one of the people on the Secret (Dr. John Dimartini) mentions that it’s sometimes easier to hold a thought in your mind when there’s movement and a story.

Therefore, I concocted a story in my head. One of the things I miss doing is seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. It made me feel good, it was only ten minutes, and it helped remind me to live a healthy lifestyle in general. I stopped seeing mine, Dr. Brent Baldasares, when he dropped my insurance and I couldn’t afford to see him, especially if it involved both Mary and I. So it made sense that when I thought of being wealthy, I thought of going back to Dr. Brent’s office and starting to get adjustments again. More to the point, since I know that Dr. Brent is into the Secret, I imagined myself telling him about all the wonderful changes in my life, how I used the Law of Attraction to bring myself better health and plenty of money, among other wonderful things in my life (fortunately I’ve never been short of good friends, so I didn’t add that, but you’re all awesome). I should also note that Dr. Brent’s mentor when he was going to Life College (where all my chiropractor family members went) was Dr. Dimartini, which I think makes this choice even more appropriate.

Anyway, the last time I got an email from Dr. Brent was over a year ago when he emailed me to tell me about the Secret, which I had been watching for about two months at that point. Today I got an email from him inviting me to a Health and Wellness Workshop on Wednesday. I had used him just to get into the frame of thinking about being as wealthy as I’ve wanted, and instead I drew the man himself to me. I think I’m going to sign up for this and go, if only to see if he remembers me (it’s been a couple of years) and tell him about how I drew him to me. %)

Things like this really excite me. I can’t wait to go to USCC looking awesome and not having to worry about spending cash and how much I’m using.