Ok, so many of you know, I had a sub job today where I was hoping to establish myself and get a full-time gig next year. I’ve been booked for a week.

So, I get in there, and find out that another sub with my last name called and canceled his gig, and the person accidentally canceled and re-assigned mine. At least I can go home and get some more sleep.

Home I go, and no sleep for me, which is still fine since it’ll help me sleep tonight and keep on a schedule. I’m on the floor practicing my kneeling, and I get a call from the sub coordinator at that school from this morning who offers me not one day next week, not two, but three days in a row! I’ve already got Monday booked in Orange county, and this is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to add to that in Seminole!

However, it might be a moot point, since five minutes later I get a call from another high school that wants to interview me tomorrow morning for a full-time English gig this year! And the woman is like, “This might be a little earlier than you’re used to, but how is 7:30?” and I’m thinking to myself, “7:30? I’m usually in a classroom and getting ready by 7:00!” I, of course, agreed to the interview.

Tomorrow I’m getting a full-time gig. This is it. This is my chance to slough off the stigma and poverty of unemployment and shape young minds for a living. I’m about ready to burst from excitement.