Just got back from Walmart to pick up Chloraseptic. Please check the time. Turns out my throat hurts so much that the pain of swallowing woke me and keeps me awake. The lovely, lovely numbing effect is helping, but I see little to no point in trying to go back to sleep for the next hour before the alarm goes off to get Mary out of bed. Instead, I just got a new book, so I’m going to sit up and read that, occasionally re-applying my numbing agent, and wait until Mary needs to wake up. As soon as the doctor’s office opens, I’ll call to see if I can get in. I’m trying not to think what I think it is so I don’t draw it to me, but that’s really hard. Any and all plans for the next two weekends are officially soft plans until I know what’s up.

EDIT: Just got home from seeing the doctor. I wanted to hear two things: “It’s not tonsillitis” and “It’s not strep.” Fortunately, I heard both this morning, which is a plus. Turns out the incredible amount of pain I’m in is linked directly to the vast amount of drainage I have in my throat and near inability to use my nose to breathe at the moment.

Good news: Hopefully, it can be cleared up pretty easily with powerful expectorants.

Slightly off news: It still might be a sinus infection.

Good news again: If I don’t feel better over the weekend, my doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics in case it is an infection. However, if I do get better, I don’t have to fill it.

So, today will be about rest, fluids, my book, and an abundance of warm, soothing liquid meals that won’t make me want to cry swallowing them.