So much for me not using this filter just for complaining. Sorry, just getting it out of my system.

So, I totally had a Lester Burnham moment last night with Mary. Our ottoman is starting to get a little broken down as it is used quite a bit. Well, upon my getting up, Mary noticed that the support for the top cushion doesn’t have a lot of support any more. And this sparked an argument, predicated on the premise that I wasn’t willing to freak out about it like she was. I wanted to grab a pillow and swing it against the furniture item in question shouting, “It’s just an ottoman!”

It’s so stupid. So amazingly stupid. I almost feel bad posting this, not because I don’t trust anyone to be supportive, but it’s embarrassingly dumb, more so that I didn’t simply end it last night. I’m sorry I’m wasting the time of anyone curious enough to read this, but I had several people wonder what I was grring about last night, and this seemed like a viable medium in which to share.

So stupid….This whole situation.