OK, so I finally get to use this filter for something good. I just got back from Paul J. Haggerty High School, where I spoke with Mrs. Thompson, the assistant principal. Turns out that she does the hiring for English teachers because she had been one for 16 years before getting into administration.

We had a very nice conversation. She loved my sample syllabus and lesson plan (thanx, northernminx) and especially liked my book choices, as well as how I set things up. While the permanent positions for next year have been filled, there is a half-year one that will be posted in July for a teacher going on maternity leave. She told me that if a full-time gig doesn’t show up between now and then, if I want the half-year than I can have it. So, either way, I’ll have some sort of job for next year as an English teacher.

We had a great conversation, laughed a little, talked literature and what I like to study. She loved that I’ve been published both as a creative writer and in scholarly journals. The fact that I came in to see her put me at the top of the resume pile, and Mrs. Thompson told me that as soon as I applied for any position at that school, I was to call her or come in to see her again and let her know.

What I found really exciting about this prospect is that the school is only finishing its second year in operation. Last year they only had a freshman class. This year they had freshmen and sophomores, and will add juniors next year. So, I was told that if I worked there and they liked the job I did, I would be considered to be part of the English department teaching the senior class that they will add the year after next. Wouldn’t that be incredible if I could teach seniors so early in my career?

I’m really excited right now and wanted to share.