If you’re reading this, you’ve made my “Trusted” filter. In the future, I hope that this will not become a forum for complaints that I don’t want to make public, but I do hope that on the rare occasion that I do have something angsty to say, that you’ll recognize that you are one of the few people on Earth that I feel comfortable sharing with, and will not click behind the cuts I’ll try to remember to put in if you don’t want to see me complain.

With that said,

So, I talked to Mary on the last day of the con, and she asked that I not call, but text message all day as she was sick and had lost her voice. This sounded really great to me, actually, as I had no desire for long phone conversations on the way home, so I didn’t really think about what this implied.

However, when I got home, I was simultaneously shocked and not surprised in the least. I’m not even sure how to feel about this.

The place was a mess. Not a normal, average mess. This wasn’t a matter of random papers covering the kitchen table like occasionally happens. This place was trashed. It was like Mary and Kal didn’t pick up a single thing they took out and used all weekend long. There were snacks all over the place (from the one complaining about being fat), used tissues covering every surface, dozens of water bottles on every horizontal plane in the rooms. The worst part was that they hadn’t washed any dishes while I was gone. I had dishes in the sink for four days, swarming with tiny little flies, that they were content to just leave there instead of rinsing them out and reaching the two feet to the dishwasher to put them in.

Even worse, I asked Mary not to spend too much money, and got interrupted during the Hierarch meeting, part of my favorite venue, to hear Mary bitch about the fact that she only had $150 left to spend out of the $500 she had three days before. Then I find out when I get back that she and Kal ate out or carried in for every meal. I know that Mary is perfectly capable of cooking for herself, as whenever I’m trying to cook she comes into the kitchen and does anything that is at all fun to do (like sauteing mushrooms), so I fail to understand why she had to go out for three meals a day, five days in a row, when she could have actually cooked something and not had to worry about how much money she had while I was playing Mage.

On top of all of this, she’s really sick now, so not only would I feel bad laying into her about it, she expects me to take care of her. Which also prevents me from cleaning up because of how clingy she is. Which means I haven’t even unpacked, let alone gotten down to actually getting this place in a state fit for human occupation. Three people agreed that my “wait for it to end” plan was moronic. I agree. I just need to actually show some courage, jump into the deep end of life, and fucking get this over with.