Since I’ve been informed by a reliable source that people don’t read con updates, I’m simply going to present this in a series of Lessons, Quotes, Life Plans, and Notes.


1. “Slow and steady wins the race” applies to more than I thought. There’s a place between Priest and Idiot that I really need to find. At least I was closer to that place on the opposite side I’m used to this weekend.

2. If you want to walk with the gods, you must put yourself in their path.

3. Great scenes require a blood sacrifice, no matter how small (see pictures when I post them).

4. It’s more fun to be fun. When I worry about things, I waste my time. When I have nothing to lose, I enjoy myself more.

5. Even wildlife wants to be a DE-ite, or at least part of the D Van of Doooom.

6. If you describe your mood as “prodigious,” people either assume you’re drunk or really smart. I hope that in either case, this weekend they would have been right.

7. I have the greatest friends in the world. I already knew this, but I can honestly say I’ve never felt so loved by so many different groups of people. From groups like all of my Orlando people and South Florida crowd, to those I RP closely with like the Tampa, New York, and ChiKalb crowds, to individuals like Sharon, Williams, (neither of whom do I know whether they have an LJ) and morningsprite. Perhaps I’m greedy in saying that the only thing that would have made it better is the three or four people who couldn’t make it, but I am really blessed by the people in my life, so much so that I’m getting sappy and am about to cry just typing this, so I’ll move on to Quotes.


1. “Lou, how do you expect to save the world if you don’t stop sucking?!”

2. “It’s not rape. It’s surprise sex. Surprise!”

3. “You bastard, why’d you change the clock?”

4. Rachel Frye, upon my seeing Chris Frye, who wasn’t supposed to be there: “Look! He’s a surprise.”

5. “I think the way down will be less ‘Hippie Love Fest’ and more ‘Zombie Love Fest'”

6. As a response to #5 “Kaoru, you know about my necro-fetish.”

7. “This is like ‘fresco HD.'”

8. “Do you actually have a pocket full of kittens?”

If I’m forgetting any great ones, please feel free to add them. I’m also leaving this section open for edits. What was the one Klutz said about a really good accent?

Life Plans:

1. Get good at things I used to be good at. Anybody who needs to know either knows, or can always ask me privately.

2. Continue to get healthier. Not only did I look better than I did at ICC, I moved better, I felt better, I could safely drink more, I needed less sleep, and I was more confident. I don’t think there’s an upper limit to any of these things.

3. Learn to dance. Sorry, morningsprite for frightening you away at one point. I’m choosing to blame Mike. Seriously, though, I think I’d like to learn how to sing and dance. I’m significantly better at the former than I used to be, so I imagine practice will continue to improve my skills there. I don’t know how I’ll begin to learn the latter, but I’ll figure it out. I can play the fucking drums, I know rhythm. I just need to learn how to translate that into movement. What I can say is that I’ve noticed that the best dancers are the ones whose movements are contrary to what you expect them to do, so there seems to be a disconnect in their bodies…I’m over analyzing.

4. Spend more time with my friends. Even after an entire weekend of seeing them almost 24 hours a day, right now I’d rather be there than anywhere else. I suggested on the ride home that the SERE Van Crew move into a large house together and film it for a new, wacky sitcom. I wish I could make it down to South Florida for their game next week, not that I need the XP (I’m overcapped for all my characters already this month), but because I want a reason to hang out with them all. Sappy again, moving on.


1. All of you who couldn’t make it, as much fun as it was, your presence was greatly missed.

2. I’m taking the lessons of this weekend seriously. Look for more Kaoru-licious changes in the future.

3. I’m so amazingly disappointed that I missed stagefreaky. It’s like having a lottery ticket where every number is off by one.

4. Just because it’s hot inside, does not mean that non-smokers can invade smoker territory and complain about the smoke. I’m sorry, but we stand by the door in all kinds of weather, not just when it’s cooler and brighter outside than in.

5. I hope I continue to be ARST Changeling for the new RST. If not, the 40 people who ran their Lost concepts by me this weekend really wasted their time. And their secrets. %)

6. The pictures were awesome. I’ll post them soon. I didn’t take any, but I don’t think I needed to. I wish I had an IC Noel pic taken. Maybe if several of us can make it to ICC, we can get an EPIC one. The pin with the cabal sigil came out incredibly, BTW. Suffice it to say, the pictures will be treasured for years to come.

7. My ST staff for Changeling did a remarkable job. One made players cry. The other spent an hour arguing with a rock as an NPC to make the story deeper. Both made our little game a blast for everyone involved, and I can’t think of appropriate words to thank either of them. Also have to thank cellshade for trying to NPC for me despite the fact that he was very, very sick. Kinda makes me feel bad for telling him to shut up for complaining that a shirt made him look fat.

8. I had to apologize to the person who is actually from the UK for my fake English accent that I use for Noel. He didn’t mention anything, but I felt bad. He laughed and said that they had so many that it probably sounded genuine someplace.

9. That had to be the best Mage game I’ve ever played in any context. I also ran the best scene I ever have for Noel. As much as I love the character all the time, that was the most in the moment I have every been. I wish the character didn’t leave so I could have responded to the people who wanted to run with me after. On a similar note, both Jon Hermann and I agreed that it sucks that Reilly and Noel won’t talk to one another, because we enjoy RPing with and around each other, so we’re thinking of trying to link Noel with his other character so we can do some stuff. Although, I’d love to see Noel and Reilly get into a fist fight.

That should cover it. This has been a prodigious weekend, but there will be greater and more wonderful weekends in the future. The best thing about the changes I’ve been undergoing is that I realize that no matter how good things are, they will only continue to get better. In the immortal words of Joe Walsh, “Life’s been good to me so far.” One might take that as meaning that it’ll stop at one point, but I’m choosing to interpret that song as being about how much better things can get, even when they seem perfect.