That’s right, kids. The Nick soundtrack is finally finished. Who wants a copy?

Unlike the Noel soundtrack, which focused more on issues of sacrifice and the nature of heroism, the Nick soundtrack prefers to focus on the motifs of identity and interpersonal connection. The songs you’ll find on it are about how we relate to ourselves and others, and hopefully show why Nick is, when it boils down to it, emotionally naive. While the album has its fair share of heart-pounders, most of the songs on the Nick soundtrack are very sensual. The kind that make you want to rub your hands all over your body while listening to them.

If you’d like me to bring you a copy at SERE, let me know and I’ll try and have them burned in time. If not, I’ll find some way to get them to you. Overall, I’m happy with how this turned out. I switched out “A View to a Kill” for “The Living Daylights” as I already had a Duran Duran song on there (“Out of My Mind”) and felt that the A-Ha song, while still being a Bond theme, more accurately describes the Vampiric condition, especially Nick, lyrically, with lines such as “Living’s in the way we die” and “Hold the darkness, let it never fade away.” Otherwise, I added some more tracks and played with the order so that they flowed together well.