To those who have a copy of the Noel soundtrack, I’m making a change for future releases. In the future, the song “Riverboat” by Stuttering John will be replaced with “Fight the Good Fight” by Triumph.

Why, you ask? Because “Riverboat” was part of an older concept for the album. It was supposed to lead off a narrative of the character’s life, and that part is representative of his childhood in Ireland. And the song is perfect for that. However, as the concept for the album and the motifs I wanted to explore changed, that particular song held itself over. I’m simply not happy with its placement on this compilation as it seems out of place among several other songs that deal with self-sacrifice, perseverance, honor, and heroism.

I feel that “Fight the Good Fight” more accurately fits the character and the theme of the compilation, so I’m making that change. Anyone who wants a copy of the song to update iPods or burn new CDs, let me know and I’ll email, AIM transfer, or somehow get you the replacement song. Just let me know and I’ll take care of it.