So, all sorts of good news today. And it’s only 9:45am.

Ride situation was worked out last night. This way I’ll be leaving a day early, but that’s not too much of a problem. Just need to find crash space for that first night. If things get really tricky, I can always volunteer for security duty that night and nap when I can check into my room the next day, so no worries on that score.

On top of that, my new day-earlier ride puts me in a perfect position for the just announced new social for the con: Braves game. Most of you don’t know that I was born and raised a Braves fan. My wardrobe used to be composed of Braves paraphernalia and 80’s heavy metal t-shirts almost exclusively. I learned the Chop at six months old. So, when I saw that not only would there be several people attending, but that it would be free, I jumped on the RSVP list. Granted, we’ll be arriving in Atlanta just as the game starts, but I don’t mind missing a few innings in order to see my favorite team play at home. I also don’t mind Skyline tickets as Turner Field is very well built and there really aren’t any bad seats, plus most of you do know my deep and unabiding love of city skylines, which I’ll be able to admire between innings.

I’m really getting psyched about SERE as it’s approaching. Despite the fact that my Inbox is gasping under the weight of emails I’ve been receiving, every little piece of news just gets me more and more excited about the trip. I’m going to have fun and not worry about anything. Nothing is going to prevent me from having the fun I want, regardless of what it is, baring illegal acts and new piercings/tattoos. Which reminds me, if for some god awful reason I want a new piercing or tattoo, lock me in a room with somebody to distract me. I also think I just found a new code word.

Side note: I’ve discovered that the Warren Zevon song, “The Envoy” reminds me of Cellshade for some reason. Not that I imagine him being a high-powered diplomat, but more that I imagine that if he were a high-powered diplomat, he would need a theme song that sounded like this. Just those hard, syncopated “Send the En-Voy!” really fits his personality. I wonder if I can make him listen to it before he starts drinking so he might sing it when he is?