So, this weekend was really awesome. I’m kinda sick today because of it, but I expected that. That always happens when I have a lot of activity and not so much sleep. As far as I’m concerned, this will just make SERE easier. It’s like stretching my party muscles.

Anyway, Friday was nice. We got our tax returns in, so thought we’d celebrate by going to Outback for dinner. I almost ordered something new, but the idea of that ribeye sounded much too good to pass up, so I changed my order at the last minute. Oh, well, maybe next time. Then we went to Barnes and Noble and I picked up a couple of bargain books. You wanna hear something insane? I love Arthurian literature, read as much as I can about it, study it fanatically, and I didn’t own my own copy of Le Morte D’Arthur. Took care of that problem. Found that edition in the bargain books section for $10. Went and picked up northernminx at the airport, which I was happy to do, and that had the benefit of being able to spend an hour or so at pendragon and ladyofdarkstar‘s house with their various guests who were here for GOTM. All too brief, but good times.

So Saturday rolls around. I get up around 9:30, just naturally, and hang out knowing that Cellshade is on his way with chronomancer79. I still hadn’t picked my costuming for the games that day, so I got to doing that. In fact, the only thing I had prepared were printed character sheets. Suffice it to say, I got everything together in time, sheets for the couch bed in the dryer to fluff, and directions to game site printed in time for us to go. For the record, Yahoo maps sucks, as a route for the hotel that is right next to I-4 dropped us 10 miles down the street by getting off at the 417. Fortunately, turns out our wonderful ST was waiting for me to start hard RP, so we got there just at 2 and were ready to go at 2:15.

Mage rocked so hard core. Gonna get an IC post about it soon, but I loved it a lot. The best part about it was that we took care of two or three plots, which makes things so much easier in so many ways. I heard there was some irritation, but I didn’t personally experience it. And all that running around to the sites of every fire in the game must have been good exercise. It’s the Hierarch Diet: Don’t have time to eat, and run around trying to solve problems. I’m starting to involuntarily cringe whenever I hear the word “Noel.” But in a good way.

After Mage was dinner at Friendly’s (flounder was pretty good) and back for Requiem, which was incredibly boring. I should point out, though, that it is Requiem and we shouldn’t expect much more. I got some social stuff done, then I wandered around looking for something to be vaguely interested and fopish about. The best part of Requiem was being able to spend the game with the South Florida crew, or at least some of them, and that is always a blast and a half. By the last hour we just hung out OOC, trying to, among other things, rework the lyrics for Queen’s “Bicycle Race” to accommodate a unicycle. I’ll give you a clue: the result sounds vaguely German. We then hit Steak and Shake before the other three drove back home and Cellshade and I went back to the apartment. This was around 2:30.

Now, knowing I had to run Changeling at noon tomorrow, do you think I went home and went to sleep? Nope. I went home and we played Guitar Hero for several more hours while Cellshade experimented with some of the alcohol we have that he’d never tasted and still drastically kicked my ass at the game. And when I say, “the game,” I mean, “the greatest video game ever made in this reality and at least 60% of any possible realities I don’t have direct contact with.” Seriously, the best part about the game was that even though I wasn’t very good yet, I still got to enjoy listening to pretty good covers of songs I love anyway. It worked out for the best, I think.

Next day, only a few hours of sleep, so I am so psyched to run Changeling that I don’t much care. We get ready and head out to game site. The day is nice and bright, the breeze is blowing, it’s exciting. Nobody was there when we first arrive, but that wasn’t a big deal. About an hour late (the streak survives) we got going and I think had an incredible game. Cellshade played an NPC on the Mundane side and, as per usual, entertained the hell out of people in the process of entertaining himself. I wish I had the time to go into how wonderful everyone was during the game. The Changeling players never cease to amaze me with the lengths they go to play out these characters and wring every last bit of comedy and drama from them. I had two players who won’t be playing their characters any more after that game, one who asked for a specific type of death scene that I gave him, and I have to say that those characters’ endings are among the most dramatic stuff I’ve seen at my game. It was so wonderful to see the characters trying to work out the problems I gave them, and even more so just watching them, sometimes when nobody was there to see them but me at a distance. Thank you to all my locals and visitors, including the above mentioned, the Atlanta crew (one of which only came to GOTM when she heard at the last minute that there was a Mundane changeling game to be played in), my man from CT, and anyone who came out to make this a rousing success.

After Changeling we went home and made fajitas. Mary had gotten a new propane tank for the grill, so I grilled about 90% of dinner for the first time in months. God, I missed that. Stupid fire laws. Cellshade then made fried dough, and we used a couple of otherwise pointless chocolate Easter bunnies to melt down and top some of the lovely creations in chocolate. See my gallery for a few pictures of that. He left shortly after, I went to bed, and woke up several hours later sick and exhausted, but totally happy and content with the way the weekend came off.

GOTM was a great success here. I think we did an incredible job of it, and I look forward to next year. In the meantime, SERE is going to be fantastic. The best thing will be seeing the people I love and don’t get to see as often as I’d like. I continue to be amazed by my life and how it is changing. I hope it continues to change along these lines. I don’t need anything for comparison, I know what life sucking is like, just happiness will be fine, thank you.

EDIT: After uploading my pictures, I’ve decided that I need to have stagefreaky take pictures of all my food from now on. Seriously, not the greatest pictures. At least they got the impression of the food across.