Just got home from work a little over an hour ago, and I have to say it’s nice and relaxing around here right now. Sun shining through the windows, great weather outside, and getting a chance to chill after a long day of work.

Subbing today was pretty light. I taught a math class, which is out of character for me, but that’s what was available. The teacher, apparently, took over half way through the year and is out nearly every week anyway. She didn’t leave lesson plans, but called to tell me what worksheets to give her students. All except her 6th period, that is, which she failed to mention is a different type of math.

For the most part, while most of the kids were unwilling to be helpful in any way, they were at least polite and quiet. I had to have five students escorted out of my fourth period. I don’t mind the “We speak a language you don’t so can say what we want about you in it” game especially since no matter how many times I show these kids that I understand Spanish, they are always surprised when I know what they’re talking about. I don’t mind them being generally disrespectful. However, flinging M&Ms at one another, other students, and me, you get a one way ticket out of my class. Again, they seemed surprised. I’m not sure if they have no memory and can’t remember that I don’t put up with their shit, or if they lack the ability to extrapolate future events from current ones (e.g. I tell them that the next time an M&M gets thrown, I’m holding them all responsible and getting them taken out of class, and they don’t get what that means), or perhaps they simply didn’t believe me. Hopefully they’ll believe me next time.

Now I’m home and watching For a Few Dollars More. Great film, part of an incredible series, with one of my favorite soundtracks. None of them were as good as the first, Lee Van Cleef aside, but all three of those movies rock.