Yesterday was a good day. I got to work for a little while, got good news, and went out with friends. What more can a person really ask for?

So, the first two parts have been shared, I’ll go on with the rest.

Mage was a lot of fun. But I nearly always have fun at Mage, so that’s not a big shocker. I really can’t wait until I can step down from the Hierarch position with IC grace and make sure that Orlando is running in admirable fashion. In the meantime, at the very least it’s fun to be able to pick and choose which plots to follow and which to delegate. But the being pulled from one place to another can be annoying at best, detrimental at worst. However, it keeps me busy at game, and makes sure I’m never bored or lacking something to do. Besides, Casey runs an incredible game, so I always enjoy it OOC.

Afterwards we went to D’s place for part of the Friday the 13th marathon. That was a total blast. I only hung around for #7, as both my ride and I were getting tired, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear more then six lines of dialog in the movie. We spent the night making comments and throwing marshmallows at the screen when people were being stupid or bad lines were uttered. As you can imagine, there were marshmallows flying pretty often.

What I will say, though, is, “Poor Hot Redhead.”

Finally got home around 4am and crawled right into bed. All in all, a really nice night.

Watching Casino Royale right now and chilling out on this fine Saturday. This movie has to have the best on-foot chase sequence ever filmed. It’s brilliant.

Looking forward to the GOTM next week. Cellshade is coming up and crashing at my place for the weekend, which will be fun, and I get to spend the weekend hanging out with people I like and gaming. Who could beat that?