Ok, so I’ve had Stargate: SG-1 on most of the day as background while I was working on things, and I think I’ve found out one of the reasons why I like Atlantis so much more.

Now, in case there are rabid SG-1 fans out there, let me preface this by saying that I like the show. In fact, I’ll say that I like the theme song better than Atlantis’s by a long shot, largely because I feel that the Atlantis theme sounds like the soundtrack to a ride at Epcot.

However, that’s the only part of the show I can say I actually like better than it’s spinoff. Other than the obvious, “I’ve seen Atlantis from the beginning and only caught sporadic episodes of SG-1 in no particular order,” I find that what attracts me more to the later spinoff is the colors.

Yes, I said “the colors.” The colors in Atlantis are much brighter than those in SG-1, and I find that more appealing. The Pegasus ‘Gates themselves have an event horizon that is colored in a greenish teal that I really like, as opposed to the darker blue of the Milky Way ones. Same applies to the lightly teal wormhole sequences in the former compared to the grayish ones in the latter. The chevrons are in a bright blue instead if orange. Atlantis is well-lit and the wall colors are generally bright and lightly reflective, making the characters appear more detailed and appealing, as opposed to the near constant fluorescent lighting of the SGC. Most of the places they visit in Pegasus are forested or shore-line areas, as opposed to the large proportion of jungle/desert planets available to our own Milky Way.

Most importantly, there are the establishing shots for locations. The Cheyenne Mountain complex really doesn’t do much other than show us a large hole in a mountain, the set for which is left over from Wargames. This is opposed to the sweeping vista of ocean with the city of the Ancients sitting in the middle of it that we get in Atlantis. Sunshine, ocean, Puddle-jumpers occasionally landing, even sometimes Sam the whale-like-thing.

Of course, the last has a brief change at the end of this season, which I’ve already downloaded and watched but hasn’t aired here in America yet so I won’t go into too many details, but I still think the rest will apply. Oh, and Jewel Staite is becoming a regular on Atlantis, so that’s one more point in its favor. Of course, she’s only been in two episodes, one as a different character, but her third episode will be airing in July as the fourth season starts up in Canada.

I could probably go on and on, but that’s one of the reasons I find Atlantis to rock harder than SG-1. Again, just want to say that I like SG-1, but I feel that Atlantis is the superior show.