Today has been an incredible day. From the moment I woke up, even before, everything has been fantastic. Let me list them, because I love to share:

1. Mage last night, both in scene and at the IRT game was fun
2. Woke up refreshed
3. The best-named episode of Angel was on (“Apocalypse Nowish”)
4. I started my usual walk in the morning, and suddenly I had the impulse to run, so I ran half of my normal circuit before I felt tired enough to slow down. And when I was rested, I started up again.
5. Wasn’t tired all day and didn’t even have the impulse to go back to sleep that I normally have to fight
6. Didn’t deal with insane amounts of hunger all day
7. Realized that my 36 waist pants are getting too big for me
8. Managed to make a piece of fabric give me the pattern pieces I wanted despite being 3/8 of an inch too small (trust me, it makes a difference)
9. Caught up on this season of House, mostly
10. Got some stuff clean, and kitchen was easy to get in order.

And only half the day’s over. Today is one of those days that is so good, you can’t wait for tomorrow. I don’t mean to brag, but I feel that LJ should be more than a forum for bitching. We should be able to share our triumphs as well, no matter how small, and I wanted to share with some of my closest friends, and a few random people who just like the way I write. And, I suppose, the world at large if they particularly care. I might inspire somebody.

Gonna get an IC post for Noel coming up soon. I found a good journaling program that I’m using to keep track of the posts on my computer, so if an ST or somebody wants to read Noel’s journal, it’ll be easy to access. I can tag certain entires, even parts of certain entires, to various subjects ranging from “Friends” to “Mage Business.” Theoretically if I ever had the impulse to keep my own journal with this thing, I could also track my exercise, heart rate, track my life on a time line, get inspirational quotes, keep track of dreams and life history in separate journals from daily activities, and a bunch of other largely pointless stuff. But it’s there, and that’s exciting.

Anyway, this is my exit for now. Stuff to see, people to do.