Last night I ran not only my first regional game, but my first online game. And I have to say, I’m surprised I didn’t simply short circuit when everyone, and I do mean everyone, PMed me at exactly the same time. I’ve learned several things from this experience:

1. It’s worth it to give people who don’t always get a good game the chance to see where the plot goes.

2. When you do something as an ST, expect everyone else to respond. This seems obvious, but the full weight of that statement doesn’t really hit until the first time you type “/me {ACTION}” and follow it up with something.

3. Sometimes your players do the work for you. Sometimes they do such a good job you have to be damn quick to keep up with it.

4. Typing is hard work.

Otherwise, I’ve been working very hard getting the word out about so that I can start making money on it. This is the grunt work, the really hard part. But the more I advertise, the better chance I have of making it a success. And it will be successful. If anyone reading this knows anyone who might know someone who needs a good editor, let them know. Word of mouth rocks, and I’m not too proud to have my friends pimp my site.