This weekend I went down south to hit the Ren Fest down there. I have to say, I think I had more fun this year than I have in a while, despite the fact that I didn’t have the time to make garb and my old stuff, with the exception of what I wore to ICC and didn’t want to wear there, no longer fits. Regardless, I went in mundane clothing and still had a great time.

Bought two new sculptures from my friend Jason Bakutis whom I only really see once a year, but happen to think he’s an incredible artist and love to buy his work. Unfortunately, the pieces I bought this year aren’t pictured on his site, but I’ll make an effort to actually take a few pictures of them, and maybe his other stuff I’ve bought over the years, and post them here. Otherwise, he’s doing really well. He just got accepted to one of the top five art schools in the country and will be going for a degree related to 3d digital art (see his section in the Galleries on Maya 3d and ZBrush), so he’s excited.

Otherwise, we tried to see as many shows as we could this year. We saw the Minstrels of Mayhem (Ahem!) twice as they are one of our favorite acts. For one of their songs, a traditional tune called “Beer,” I was a volunteer to be part of the Drunken Men’s Choir, which was a blast as it involved being on stage, bouncing, and swinging my arm to a tune I love to hear while drinking from the yard of beer I happened to have with me. I ended up buying one of their CDs (for once) and have already listened to it all the way through. It is fantastic. I went to their website and decided on the next two I want to get. Mary was a little disappointed because the one CD with both of her favorite songs from them on it (“The Window,” and “The Rattlin’ Bog”) was the only CD they didn’t have with them, but I’ll just order it online, so no big deal there. Melodio cut this hair, though! That disappointed me. At least Pompadore’s is still long.

During the Pub Sing at the end I got a taste of the acts I didn’t get to see during the day, and that was great. The Minstrels of Mayhem (Ahem!) were hosting the thing, but most of the other acts were there to perform a song. There were quite a few new shows this year. The Naughty Nymphs, who were never particularly wonderful despite their otherwise attractive name, were replaced with this three woman a Capella group called The Limeybirds who were just prodigious. Not only were they very, very cute (all three of them), but they had excellent voices and did what I could say was easily the most entertaining version of “Sweet Violets” I’d ever heard (with great lyric changes). Of the non-singing variety, there was a short demonstration by a comedy acrobatic show called Barely Balanced who were so very talented. And flexible. God, were they flexible.

Finally, they wrapped up the Pub Sing and the Festival for the day with everyone getting on stage and leading the audience in a rendition of “Health to the Company” which is always fun to sing in large groups, and we headed off. There was some other stuff during the day, but these were my favorite parts.

That night I went to the South Florida Requiem game, which was a lot of fun as well. I actually was able to do things. Like, real things, things that had an effect on the plot. And I wasn’t singled out for this, either. Everyone was able to do things. I’m looking forward to running scenes. Plus it was nice to see the people down there, as they are all a lot of fun to hang out with. Cellshade‘s decided that we need to start a band, especially since Dexeron just got his bass guitar in the mail, an idea that actually makes me tingle a little bit inside. We need to do this soon, though, “before we’re old and it’s just pathetic,” to use Cellshade‘s words.