I enjoyed writing this one. I didn’t want to extrapolate too much on Lorenzo’s actions, but I hope I got at least close to how he might act in the situations outlined. This was actually an incredible song choice considering what Nick is going through right now, so thank you for selecting it. Now, without further ado, here’s the first of my character meme things. Not work safe.

I ran my hands along his perfect body, gripping his sculpted frame. Several cars raced by outside, splashing through the cold rain at intervals in the distance and I couldn’t help but count them in my head as I tried to focus on Lorenzo’s nails in my shoulders. I tried to remember that we’re family, closer than anyone else, so it’s safe to simply let go. I only wanted to feel him touch me, possess me, not track the movements of the ghouls through the house, guessing which one was which from the weight and measure of the footsteps.

You don’t remember my name
I don’t really care
Can we play the game your way?
Can I really lose control?

I arched my back while Lorenzo entered me, feeling the dry release that comes from a lack of fluid production. Ecstasy and intimacy flooded through my head, my fangs bared. I almost forgot to scream. I wanted to, felt the need to, but had to tell himself it was time. I was aware of the temperature changes in the room. I felt Lorenzo’s fingertips, the ridges riding over my back, the flap of skin from a cut or puncture on his left index finger, probably a pin while designing his next creation. It all smelled exotic, foreign, and for a moment I could pretend we were lovers in Italy, but my mind immediately brought me back to reality, the here and now. Fact.

Just once in my life
I think it’d be nice
Just to lose control just once

Blood dripped down my back from those manicured nails, and I made a picture of what it looked like in my mind.

With all the pretty flowers in the dust

Afterward, we lay there. Though I’d never asked, I tended to be the submissive one with Lorenzo, much like I was dominant with Rose. It seemed to be the role both were more comfortable with, the one they got the most pleasure out of. Sometimes we switched, and I don’t think he’d appreciate a total lack of initiative, but it was worth walking the fine line. As I leaned on his chest, trying so hard not to run through every detail that my brain passively picked up during the past few hours, his Derzhava ring hanging from a chain on his neck caught my attention. I had noticed it before, but the timing wasn’t quite right to bring it up, and now seeing it brought the subject up again in my mind.

“Lorenzo, why aren’t you wearing your ring?”

His features turned harder, irritated and saddened. “Bella.”

I sat up quickly, looking up to the ceiling as if there were a God there to question. “I need to speak to her.”

“Leave her alone, Nicolas. She is volatile right now.” Lorenzo looked over at me, and I could see that he was trying to protect her. Not from me, but from what he knew must be coming.

Mary had a little lamb
His eyes black as coal

“She is always volatile. I respect her position, but I am getting sick of her little temper tantrums.” I beat a fist against the bed between us and willed my anger to come in a small amount, just enough to feel comfortable with what was going through my head.

“That’s enough, Nicolas. You don’t know what’s going on.” Lorenzo was only pleading a little bit. His words were unusually forceful. “This is between her and a select few, and you don’t want to be one of them. I wouldn’t even mention this conversation if you don’t want to deal with the headache.”

If we play very quiet, my lamb
Mary never has to know

“I’m not afraid of Bella, Lorenzo.” I could feel the anger slip just a little. It was too far, regardless. “Alek is too lenient with her. If Audra threw tantrums like this, she would be chastened and punished for it. Bella, though, has free reign to let her emotions rule her, to spew her anger wherever she sees fit and make unilateral decisions on who she trusts and doesn’t trust.” I got up and began involuntarily pacing. I wanted to hit something, throw something, anything to calm myself so I could think about what I needed to do to reunite our family entirely.

Just once in my life
I think it would be nice
Just to lose control – just once

As I paced, I noticed my phone sitting on a small table. It blinked at me in a cold blue. There was a missed call.

I went back in my head, trying to remember hearing the phone ring, but I couldn’t.

“I missed a call.” My voice sounded empty in my own ears.

“I’m sure you can return it,” Lorenzo mentioned in an off-hand way, looking out the window, lost in his own thoughts. When he turned his head to finally look at me, his features again changed, registering the worry I must have been showing. “Was it important?”

I shook my head, “The call? No. But I missed it.” I felt myself spinning, and the control I couldn’t release before started slipping from my grasp. I grabbed my pants in a smooth motion and started stumbling toward the door. “I’ll be back later.” The last thing I saw as I wandered off to find some place to meditate, to find my center again, was Lorenzo’s worried face just before the bedroom door closed. I fought the fear and doubt rising in my stomach as I wandered naked through the house, hoping to find someplace where I could once again take hold of myself.

If I cut you down to a thing I can use
I fear there will be nothing left of you

Can I lose control at will?