I’m writing a basic, catch-all update before I get to work on the character meme.

Thanksgiving was good, as was the rest of the weekend. Thank you to everyone who called/emailed/contacted in some way to give birthday wishes and holiday greetings. I appreciate them all.

Went and saw Casino Royale with my father. Can I say that that is one of the best James Bond films that I’ve seen in quite some time? If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest it. It doesn’t follow any of the established Bond formulas and really has the courage to try and re-establish the franchise in a new and interesting way, much like Chris Nolan did with Batman Begins. Daniel Craig, for lacking the pretty-boy image that people like Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan grafted onto the character, actually plays a real spy. He’s not perfectly smooth, he doesn’t know everything, and while he’s competent, he plays Bond as what M called “a blunt instrument.” The film, while not lacking in action sequences (all of which were incredible), was mostly cerebral. It wasn’t about Bond trying to figure out the bad guy’s plan and kill him before he destroys the world. He already knows the bad guy and his plan and has to outsmart him specifically without killing him. The very end didn’t become a giant battle scene like most Bond films (my favorite example being Blofeld’s minions vs. 100 ninja in You Only Live Twice), but was really shiny regardless. Most importantly, Bond is not the archetype that we’ve become used to, but is a real, three-dimensional character with feelings, motivations, and thoughts that could belong to a real person. Oh, and the plot was original (am I the only one who noticed that Die Another Day was the same damn plot as Diamonds are Forever, for example?).

I, of course, was watching this movie for two, as I needed to see what Nick thought of it as well. Not only did Nick love this movie, he will probably buy a print of it to view at home. Also, I’ve decided that the opening song, Chris Cornell’s “You Know My Name,” is Nick’s new theme song. It fits so perfectly that I’m adding it to his soundtrack, even though I had originally set a firm limit of one Bond theme for the character.

I also saw Happy Feet, but I would suggest reading Dexeron‘s review since we saw the film together and basically agreed on the major points.

Otherwise, I’m prepping for the trip Mary and I are taking to New Hampshire on Thursday. I have an appointment to speak with somebody in charge of the Masters of Liberal Studies at Rollins College tomorrow to see about attending there. And I am an iPod addict, though I’d been listening to music pretty obsessively for the past few months regardless. My friend Scott gave me an excellent and interesting book that I’m considering reading again. That’s about it in my life as a whole. Now, on to character posts.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. I put in my application for SE ARST Changeling yesterday. I didn’t get the receipt of confirmation from Clint, so I sent it again today. No idea if I’ll get it, but I have the experience, and my list of references looks like a Who’s Who Among Camarilla Changeling Players and STs, so I hope that’ll help.