Ok, so I’ve been meaning to write this one since Saturday. I once again went out with Nela and Kenny, as well as Purplecowmn andKaliana, but this time we went to Big Belly Brewery for one of purplecowmn‘s former co-worker’s birthday. For those who don’t know, on Church Street there is a place that’s three clubs in one: Chillers on the ground floor, Big Belly Brewery in the middle, and Latitudes on the roof, and one cover applies to all of them.

Suffice it to say, it was awesome. The place played music I liked. The waitresses were all scantily dressed. They have 3 for 1 drinks from 10:30 to 11:30, not to mention they give away free shots every few hours (meaning the servers stand on the bar with a bottle of red alcohol that I couldn’t identify and poor a shot into your mouth if you stand there with your head tilted back). It was really a blast. Went upstairs to Latitudes for a while as well, since I’d been wanting to go there for several months and never got around to it, and that was really fun also. It was a little more laid back, the music wasn’t as hard (classic rock down stairs, more relaxed alternative upstairs), they had heaters (since it was outside and it’s getting cooler), and you can see most of downtown from part of it.

So, not only was the place pretty kewl in and of itself, but within 10 minutes of being there, Shannon Burke, one of my favorite local talk radio personalities (listening to his show right now) randomly came over to our table and said, “You look like nice folks. Let me buy you a round of drinks.” Kenny was a little put off at first since he didn’t know this guy and he was handing out cards, indicating a probable sales pitch, but I asked if he was, in fact, Shannon Burke, and he confirmed. Spoke with him for a few minutes and can say that he seems to be a pretty nice guy.

So, a fun time was had by all. Which is why I’m concerned by this strange melancholy that’s been affecting me recently. I have no reason to be sad or depressed, yet it keeps hitting me every once in a while. It’s strange. I can’t pinpoint when it started, but it’s got me a little concerned. At least I can look at it intellectually. I’m sure I’ll be fine soon enough. But in the mean time, I’m curious as to what it is and why I’m experiencing it.

Also, I’ve uploaded a ton of new userpics that Selena made in a marathon boredom session. I’ll use one for this post. They are incredible. No relation to the post itself, but it’s pretty awesome looking.