From the Journal of the Late Noel Aig:

November 15, 2006

I sat there watching my wife sleep and I realized that I’d never done that before. Our courtship began after her disasterous encounter with an elder god, and she hasn’t slept since, so this was an entirely new experience for me. I think I like her asleep. She genuinely looks happy in a totally unguarded way.

Once again I find that I’m quite happy having given up my life as a rogue demon hunter in exchange for beginning this cabal. Even when I’m in the grip of frustrated rage, removed from everyone else, they still manage to take care of things. Their reasons may often be skewed, but they still manage to find the correct right course of action and follow it.

Solomon looked exhausted from the ritual. I can’t blame him; it must have been quite a trial to break whatever effect was on her. That Elle had also already brought Jeremy from home was incredible, and by the time I had arrived, everyone had completed their jobs. Moreso, I could tell that Jeremy was honestly concerned for my well-being, and I cannot express how grateful I am that he decided to stay, be it for my health or to research Zephyr’s key.

Mr. Black or Cricket will be along in a few hours to interrupt Fiction’s nap. She should sleep for several uninterrupted days, having not done so much as an hour in six months, but she would be angry to let the Mysterium down, so I’ll wake her when the time comes, but I’ll have Fee clear the rest of her appointments.

I saw that she was looking for something to hug, and while I was tempted to join her, I still had research to do on Tenebrious and the Child’s Breath spirits. Besides, I rather enjoyed watching her sleep. Instead, I crafted a stuffed-animal version of myself out of Ephemera. I realize that sounds rather egotistical, but I could think of no other appropriate form and considered a Cthulhu one to be in poor taste.

They’ll be just fine when I’m not around.

Post Script: Relearning a childhood love of comic books. Thanks, Conner. Next I’ll be playing Zephyr’s video games.